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Audit the Fed You Say?

I have a friend who is hardcore about introducing a bill to audit the federal reserve... I'd love to support that action, BUT...

Here's my issues...

1. Who would be auditing the fed?
2. Who would be auditing the auditors?
3. Can we pay the auditors more than the FED can offer them as a bribe?

4. If the government audits the FED and they say it's "all good", then what?
5. If a private company audits the FED and they say it's "all good", then what?

are we not going to stop until they say there is a problem? if that is the case, what is the point in auditing them? isn't that the same as the police "asking" you to step out of the car? LOL ...

Auditing the FED is a waste of time in my opinion... unless there is something i'm missing, i don't see how it's going to work...

ENDING the fed is much more legitimate. the FED has no lawful authority to counterfeit money according to the coinage act of 1792 (punishable by death) and the united states constitutional amendments (article 1 section 8) which proceed the 16th amendment (not fully ratified). no amendments can directly conflict with previous ones. you must first remove the previous amendments from the constitution.

What do you think?

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Wouldnt it be nice