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Is Marco Rubio Actually Jesus Christ, Returning to Save the World?

I don't think so either.

But you might think he was Jesus Christ from this Time magazine cover:

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I do love

his tie though. It's pretty pimp.

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    He would never get my vote

    Sorry, not interested in this guy. The Republican Party has issues. lol


    ...but as a Christian, I am wondering if the false Christ (whoever that may be) might be about to emerge soon, in conjunction with Obama's trip to Israel in March. Theories floating around out there, as always ... guess we'll find out soon.

    On Obama's trip to Israel:

    Don't worry about the false Christ. It is the false christians.

    They are everywhere reading every christian book except the bible.

    Most preachers are 2 Peter 2 false teachers and false prophets.

    It is not one that you must worry about, it is the many and their folks of dogs and swine who are easily deceived by the legion... just as Christ cast the legion (or demons) into the swine to deceive them into running off the cliff.

    Christ will allow those who claim but who do not know him to be deceived in a similar manner.

    Only death awaits these.


    He is not even eligible to be

    He is not even eligible to be President - he is not a 'natural born citizen'.

    Where in the hell do people

    Where in the hell do people get this theory?! Chester Arthur had a father who was a subject of the British Empire when Chester was born and NOBODY cared! Of course, we all also have the case of Obama who repeated the example and only a marginal, and ignored, few cared.

    They're trying to sell him to Latinos as their man in the system

    The cross iconography will not be lost on Latinos. The lighted face...

    Chris Indeedski!

    Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

    I hope he is Jesus

    Then all the people who have been waiting for their entire life for him to return can all grab on to Rubios legs and ascent into heaven. Until Jesus Christ returns Athesits and Christians are stuck at an empass.

    Unfortunantly if Buddy J hasn't come in over 2000 years...logic would indicate he's a no show.

    But when it comes to God, Jesus, and/or the bible there appears to be no place for logic.

    Logic makes a clear distinction between assumptions and facts. Confusing the two leads to all sorts of problems.

    My guess is Rubio is not Jesus. He was fined 25k last year for stealing an undisclosed amount of money from his campaign funds for personal use. Jesus wouldn't do that I suppose. Of course Rubio was able to pay the fine in a plea agreement where he did not have to admit guilt. The same day a homeless man was locked in a cage for 6 months for going into a McDonalds and filling his coffe cup with soda from the fountian drink machine without paying. $1 theft for serf = cage time. Theft of (what I think was leaked as $300k) = 25k fine. Not a bad "investment" for Marco. lol

    Buddy J?

    LOLOLOL. I believe in God but your comment was too funny to pass up, man.

    And screw Rubio.

    If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

    A Cuban Jesus Christ?...No!!....He Looks Like Ricky Ricardo...

    Don't you think so?

    Lucy! I'm Home...


    Any photographers, graphic artists, makeup artists,

    want to weigh in on how long it took to make this cover? I'm thinking 2-3 hours.

    Oh, and nice skin-tight suit there, Prancer.

    Chris Indeedski!

    Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

    He looks like a

    He looks like a mobster.
    Maybe the left and the media have some dirt on him so they push his candidacy.
    Romney didn't take him as VP....

    Oh, he does!

    The finishing touch would be a machine pistol in his hand.