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Let's ALL respond to Glenn Beck HERE: on this thread...

If Glenn Beck wants to "get our goat", by slamming Dr. Paul about his tweet etc. regarding the death of Chris Kyle...then go on and on to bring up "tower 7" as he called it...then...let him and his cronies who WANT war in the Middle East, and war at home against REAL patriots SEE our faces...make a video...calmly state your case, no cussing...be be your own media empire from wherever you sit.

He insulted all of us in that YouTube video; I say we call him on it...because, like it or not, the WORLD is watching...Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan, Alex Jones vs Glenn Beck, now the MSM at large versus Dr. Paul over his Christian Worldview of the wars and the ever-expanding, freedom grabbing, reckless spending government...

Let them SEE us, and hear us; we have to take matters into our own hands...they're NOT going to give us airtime...so we can respond HERE, to every idle word they speak, and attempt to slander and discredit us...

America needs to see us stand our ground, state our positions; we have to give them something to VOTE for...something to GO TO should they also grow weary of the lying hypocrites in right-wing media that have done NOTHING to decrease the size and scope of government since Ronald Reagan gave that speech on behalf of Barry Goldwater...

Do it before Alex Jones responds FOR US as a movement...

Here's my reaction to that joke of a rebuke he tried to level against Ron Paul, and obviously us as a collective...


Yes, my blood is boiling too; but...we're much more restrained and knowledgeable than they think...Just let them keep pushing our buttons, we'll respond in kind and on point!

Our media will defeat their media...in ratings...with TRUTH..for a lot less money, and ZERO overhead! C'mon....how fast was that Stamp Act repealed, with little or NO violence; those petitioners won the day against that obnoxious tax very quickly without a media....let's show them we're just as wise, and frugal, and reasonable, and righteously indignant, and determined not to let anyone in media lead the world on that we are tolerating ANY of this communist takeover, or the right-wing sedatives meant to pacify us!

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...it's been like 18 hours...NO VIDEOS from anyone else?

Did I speak for everyone?(I know I pissed off one atheist), or, were you not insulted?

Don't be shy; don't let the MSM or right-wing talk radio castigate us ANYMORE...time to stand up for ourselves...like I said, we cannot get past their call screeners to make our point, or, win the debate and discredit them on their own shows; so, self-stirred competition IS the answer!

Anybody who has listened to Glenn

Beck on a continuous basis, and can't see he is a whacked out nutjob, with a split personality at best, should have their head examined. People should also question whether Mormonism is more like Judaism, since, though they claim to follow Christ, He never ever condoned the killing of innocent people. The Evangelical Zionist Christians he seems to align himself with follow Apostate teachings dirived from Judaism, that are a complete contradiction to everything taught by Christ. Beck, as well as the others who sell and follow these Apostate teachings of deceivery, will face a harsh Judgement when their time comes!
If you would like to learn where they get these teachings and learn why they believe what they do, watch this video. Even if you are a non-believer it's good to watch to understand their thought process.


will someone please tell him 1777free4all thinks hes a "despicable little worm!"?
I dont have time right now.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

I changed his station this morning after hearing that

what a desperate hypocrite. To go on and on praising Libertarianism for 15 minutes(as if he knew what libertarianism was in the first place), then to immediately start praising war and blasting Ron Paul; I seriously just couldn't listen to such B.S. He's desperate for listeners that's why he's pandering to our audience, I hope people call him out on it, and I can't believe people actually buy into it. He want's to call himself a Libertarian now?, pretends he was with us in the past election?, what a loser.

Oh. and did anyone catch later in the day Hannity had Santorum on. Not sure why i turned that channel back on on my way home from work. Anyway, I just started laughing my ass off when old slick rick and Hannity are bashing the "left" for supporting the NDAA, and Assasination of U.S citizens. Ummmm....clearly they have incredibly bad memory, because it wasn't much more than a few months ago when both were in full support of both. Hypocricy at it's best, It sadens me when people buy into this B.S., love being the guy to drop little truth bombs too them though. What a weird day on radio, a very Orwellian day indeed.

Have some gratitude for Ron Paul AND Alex Jones

The new thing with the neo-cons is to LOVE Rand Paul and hate Ron Paul. The new thing with many freedom activists is to hate Alex Jones. Leave him out of this.



"The new thing with the neo-cons is to LOVE Rand Paul"
Yea I guess hes LOVED by McCain, (who he called a TROLL) and Graham, and Im sure hes also loved by the neo libs like Clinton and Feinstein, -

What and ABSURD comment!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Absurd for you maybe, but I know what I'm hearing

I am on a number of Connecticut patriot pages and Rand Paul is speaking their language--the only language they understand, which includes anything to do with exposing or defunding the Muslim Brotherhood and being pro-Israel. I know what I'm hearing and seeing.



well its a good thing youre 2000k miles away from rons district where rand grew up with me and you have your ears glued to the "Connecticut"
patriot pages and listen to them so well.

Looks like Hillary will be ur gal in 2016, then huh?

Just what exactly is a "patriot" to you and how do they have "pages"?

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

well...I don't want him responding to this...

...and then me responding to him....ya know....Larry.Pratt was much more well received by us on the gun control stuff with Piers Morgan...we don't need anymore bad stigmata like that....

We have our guys, they have theirs....on the same issues...
Larry Pratt vs. NRA
Tom Woods vs. David Barton
Peter Schiff.vs.

The cream is rising to the top, validity for the pure faith Christianity of our founders is.pretty much what set me off the most in Beck's slam....selling Rome....selling the empire and the need for war in the name of Christ, having Christians kill for America to defend what? Obamacare?

As I've said before, so many things get referenced, eluded to, mentioned and passed by....it's time we stop their running mouths and parse their words.for educational sake...imprisoned creationist Kent Hovind has even mentioned AJ's website in his seminar, you'd think at some point AJ could move past Lindsay Williams and talk about Kent Hovind's plight....they're on the same side, right?

You see; I see very persuasive people and assailant points too often being over-looked, or,.presented by others with a twist or no citation of the original application intent, understanding, or practical context...we just talk, move on, maybe whip up some emotion along the way like a magician that distracts....people are entitled to,.people need the WHOLE story...and by omitting so
many things, people, references(on purpose) I suspect; people then get caught up following a person, rather than joining the cause.

Sorry, I just see a transitioning here; a maturation if I may, and a separation to some degree is now warranted I think...for credibility sake.

oh my pleasure.

Slamming glen beck is always easy and enjoyable.

i rather get injected with cancer...

i rather get injected with cancer than listening to Glenn Beck!

Bo-ring... If you're going to do a you tube make your point.

A distraction. We should be focused on the Immigration/Drone/Iris Scan packaget the Senate is rolling out. I know, they didn't have time for a budget. I'm sure Beck whose career is SO over... is begging on his knees for any kind of attention at all. I can hear him now...Please please even haters, please tune in to my garbage. I much prefer hard hitting info bombs that are relevant to my life - yep Alex yells too much, but pedal to the metal. Most people are WAY too passive and meek. Incidentially, what was the end result to this post? It did what it's intended to do: 1. Attention for Beck 2. A free stab from Beck to Alex Jones 3. Dividing us and getting us to start arguing. 4. Distract us from what's going down. Don't even vote it down just move away from it.


So what exactly fires you up to do anything at your own expense? What drives you to risk anything for our posterity's sake?

We're not bobble-heads waiting for a memo from Ron Paul on some policy position, so we can nod our head in agreement; and watching Alex and Glenn duke it out in a media war while we eat popcorn and toggle back and forth between blogs doesn't accomplish anything either....we need to ENGAGE....

I'm not going to sit back and take this...I don't know why anyone would....these media clowns "represent" and draw attention....that's what WE should be doing, if of course, we have the truth and the solutions....

I'm not going to regret not doing anything as communist enablers shaped public opinion, just because I don't have the large resources...I'll do what I can and say my piece....you wanna dismiss my worldview as divisive, we can have that debate another time...but Liberty first! We're getting our butts kicked, so I say we beat them at their own game, with the same HISTORY everyone has access to...


...the best course of action is to let this story die. By responding to Beck's inane BS you're just feeding it and giving him more of an opportunity to smear RP and the liberty movement. In other words, don't feed the trolls.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

his audience needs to be OUR audience...

...it's a numbers game, like it or not....get a competitive attutude, don't trust Alex Jones to discredit his nonsense for you....get in the game....score one for us for crying out loud.....sure he is baiting us, so let him hear what you have to say, as to WHY we're better than his dribble, why our hope does equal change....c'mon man!

Let it die? Nobody said that after we got shut out at Tampa, if they did....Glenn Beck would have NOTHING to say to us as a still fired up movement today....let him know we're coming for them!



proverbs 20:15
There is gold, and an abundance of jewels;
But the lips of knowledge are a more precious thing.

Glenn who?



I try to change people every day. Do You?

Yeah, really

Isn't he that guy that was fired from his job on FOX tv? Let's help him on his way from relative obscurity to complete obscurity by ignoring him.


Patriots, I know you don't like Alex Jones, but you still aren't listening to "your own" here at the DP: some of us LIKE ALEX. I have to give credit to AJ and Infowars because they were one of the first alternative websites that I found speaking against the MSM.

And, imo, that's Alex's main role: to discredit the MSM and make people realize their being lied to.

How is that, in any way, a bad thing for people behind the Liberty Movement?

Passionate post, though. Keep 'em comin.

Lima-1, out.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Thanks for expressing that.

I share your feelings re: Alex Jones. He should not be lumped in with anyone, especially Glenn Beck. Alex Jones has single-handedly shifted the American consciousness towards liberty. Too many people are embarrassed to admit it.



...the point is....how much money does it take to "discredit" the MSN or our critics?

I can convey just as much passion, reason, emotion and patriotic expression while working two jobs everyday...do I need a media empire to change hearts and minds, or,win people over?

I wanted to start a thread, separate from the original, where we can answer specifically to Glenn Beck's DOA slam on the movement....no call screeners, no waiting in line, no holding over during the break, no "sorry we've run out of time, call back tomorrow".

We're gonna need money for candidates and PAC's if they don't outlaw them....we're creative, we're passionate, and...well...we're right!

We have to keep the fire burning, "what would our nation be thinking NOW if Ron Paul was in the White House?" Obama's re-election should NOT be four more years of material for Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, or Alex Jones...something we can "look forward" to on our radio dials.

Glenn Beck took his marching orders, or, he took the bait....either way, just this site alone can generate enough truth to lambaste him, for a fraction of the cost....there's a vision here, our own network, not spokesperson...

I will not ignore Alex Jones. He deserves your thanks.

Be big enough to admit it.



and also ignore Rand Paul.

"The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears." ~Larken Rose



...see it for what it is....they've TAKEN ground that we've plowed....

Don't give it to them, don't let them BOTH insult us and collectivise us....we're all individuals, we all bring something unique to the movement; but damned if we're going to get behind their pied piper lead....

If we want to "stop" infighting, then this target could unite us, and help others to be empowered....I think I look ridiculous talking to myself on my smartphone, but, what's my alternative? Let those two speak for me, with their half-baked truths and obvious agenda's?

9/11 happened over a decade ago, the clock started running THEN...what have we done to get the word out, insomuch as Glenn Beck should FEAR mocking the physical science of building 7....he ought to suffer blowback for that...so let's speak up OURSELVES, that's patriotism...not Alex Jones' Paul Revere game ....

I prefer shunning


Free includes debt-free!