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GOP Civil War: Establishment Counter-Attacks. Freedom is Winning!

Greetings Ron Paul supporters!

I am back with an update on our progress in the GOP Civil War and an analysis of where the next battlegrounds in the war will be. Please share this, especially with our fellow Paulians on the political battlefield in the states mentioned and warned! We are making progress but the Establishment War Machine is either making or preparing counter-attacks that we must be ready for!


In this article are links to the news stories I reference: http://subsidiaritytimes....

In Liberty,

I'm a Professor, my name is Wall.

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GOP loosing, counterattack, HUGE NOT

GOP is owned controlled funded and directed by the exact same people.
The Rothschild bank mafia.

So to think that the liberty movement is taking over the GOP is simply not true. In fact the evidence shows buisness as usual at the GOP, purge of any persone who had anyting to do with Ron Paul is continuing.

Even if the liberty movement was taking over the GOP the DNC, the other entity owned by the Red mafia (red as in Rothschild, even though Comunism is also RED ROTHSCHILD) So even if the GOP could be taken over they would just shift their resources to the DNC, abandon the GOP, perhaps just make a new party.

The elections are rigged, the polls are a lie, the media is a lie, and the vote count is a lie. So in my view those who are fighing to take over the GOP are like a group taking tea on the upper deck as the Titanic is in the process of sinking. I do not fault them, and I support most liberty minded initives.

So thos who fight to change the GOP good luck I support you, I continue to be politicaly active, but the enlightened disengagement tactic is the best in IMHO.


And by 'freedom', you mean...

...control, specifically control over other in the party you don't agree with, right?

Freedom isn't to be found by seeking the reins over others, it is to be found by allowing others to be free. If you're looking for freedom, trying to gain control over others isn't going to get you any closer to finding it.

Fantastic Report! Keep it up!

As one who has written many articles (including exclusive content for the DailyPaul), I can appreciate the amount of research and time that goes into creating a video like this. Please keep it up. We must be our own media.


1. Girls are rarely questioned if they get involved within the GOP. Look the part, the end. Don't voice opinions until you secure something they need you for...like Precinct chair. I walked into a Precinct chair position and I'm also running for City Council to stir up the honeypot a bit.

2. Don't bother with Young GOP clubs, they are all too hungry to be in politics. Stake out the County GOP. It's an alternate universe. Last week, Pete Sessions came and gave us a load of BS, everyone entered upset with him and left scared. Anyone surprised?

3. The County GOP chair can't say no to a room full of Paulians. They're scared of even just a few vocal ones. Leverage that and take over the conversations.

4. Married? Bring your spouse.

5. If you don't know Austrian econ like a second language, don't speak until you do. ;)

What's with the hat and

What's with the hat and sunglasses? If you are going to make a video that will be widely distributed you could at least look professional. The hat, sunglasses, jean jacket all make him look like he just came in from the back yard.

Image shouldn't matter but it does. Looking professional gives you more credibility. That is why all the anchors on TV, CEOs, business professionals, Ron Paul, etc. wear suits and not tank tops when being interviewed.

Does this bother anyone else?

I see it different

He's dressing to appeal to his target, rural RepubliCANS. Still, I think it would be nice if he would present himself in a sharper image: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvBJLZPB7M8

Ha! This guy is no ZZ Top! I

Ha! This guy is no ZZ Top! I think the sunglasses and hat are a distraction and just couldn't make it through the video.

I think that you're right

I think that you're right about Alaska and Virginia - Miller and Cuccinelli are allies who can win those races and the establishment is trying to undermine them in order to stop it.

We should also try to draft some other people to run in Senate races in New Mexico and New Jersey - races that the establishment isn't even considering vulnerable in 2014, but liberty candidates like Governor Gary Johnson and Judge Andrew Napolitano could win in those two states. And then one or both of them would be in a better position for a Presidential run after that.

Also, I'd love to see BJ Lawson have a chance at a race that he could win, either the Senate or North Carolina CD2 (if Elmers runs for Senate) since he has demonstrated his ability to campaign well twice now. Redistricting moved him into Elmer's Republican leaning district now. I wish we had good liberty Republicans in Montana and South Dakota, too.

There are also some good Congressional race possibilities in Utah 4, Iowa 4 and one of the Maine CDs.

With Tom Davis running against Graham in South Carolina already, we may have as many statewide races as we could support in one election. If we could take 4 Senate seats from Democrats, that would be a majority of the Senate takeover seats in 2014 (the GOP needs to take 6 to gain a majority and I doubt the party will net more than 7 in one election).

Winning those many would make a clear case to the rank-and-file Republican voters that liberty people can win crucial victories at the polls and the establishment couldn't hide that fact, regardless of how they might try to.

I'm not as sure about Minnesota if you're thinking that Kurt Bills could win the Senate race against Franken. I don't think Bills would win the primary and I think it would be a better strategy for him to run for Representative if John Kline runs for the Senate (Bills lives in CD2 and recently represented part of it in the legislature). He did good to get 30% last year, better than 4 GOP candidates in other states, but if an open congressional seat is there. I would consider it wiser to run in a primary you can win than one you can't, and we may not have the resources to help him statewide.

My thoughts

First, Willis ran as a protest, and protests are not what moves the GOP, they move the Democratic Party, so Willis's run was a defeatist attempt at best.

Second, Rove has created a new Victory PAC, specifically to eliminate Ron Paul supporters http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/rove-tea-party-super/2013/0...


Rove will be speaking at the State conventions, tickets are $200.00 and what's interesting about this, is Revolution Liberty Caucus thinks it's best if Ron Paul supporters go listen to Justin Raimondo instead. Who needs Rove when you have insiders leading us away from the fight, corraling us like cattle, to talk of dreaming the impossible dream, rather than organizing and facing Rove?

Third, The GOP is still playing games, knowing that most Ron Paul Republicans are new, know little to nothing about Robert's Rules of Order, or how committees work, what kind of power they have; For example, committees fundraise to send delegates to conventions. Not now. As elected treasurer, the most powerful position on a committee (think banker/delegate) The Chair can only vote to break a gridlock on his committee, and votes at the state level as a delegate, but the treasurer has it all. I am being given excuses to not get the books, I did contact the state treasurer, reported it in an open email.. and it's apparent, I'm being played, one excuse after another. I'm sure I am not alone. Going to the Convention is costly.

As an individual, room at the convention, which is ideal for many reasons, is $160.00 a night, for three nights. Everyday there are breakfasts, lunches and dinners, with speakers like Rove. This Costs $500.00 per day. And at the convention, there are people tabling, party suites, sponsor tables, which represent the control, and money, in the GOP. Roughly, the convention will cost me $2K to attend.

If the Liberty PACS, had it together, we would have a suite, that comes with a table, and be a big presence at the GOP. Instead, we are being ushered away to listen to "our own" speaker, who has led the campaign for defeatism for decades.

Even Daily Paul has a fundraiser at the same time we have to cough up big bucks to attend the conventions.

Finally, there is a lot of confusion and mis information that gets spread within our own rEVOLution/ Liberty Movement. Those who have no experience are being encouraged to become executive committee members. What is wrong with this is, executive committee is made of PAST officers, so the committee can hold them accountable. Why would anyone who wants accountablility suggest a republiCAN attempt to be on an executive committee.. If I was a crook, I'd let the republiCAN have my seat, because then I would be off the hook, and they would be on it.

Yes, professor Wall, we have a hell of a fight on our hands. The good news is, as Ron Paul said, "You can not stop an idea whose time has come". Our time has come. LIBERTAS PERPETUA!

If it's okay with MN

Give us a mailing address, Granger. Some of us might be able to send you a donation since you're doing so much to represent our interests. You're doing the work, I'm sure some of us would be willing to back you financially.

Wow Missy!! (((((Missy)))))

Thank you. I would be honored and very humbled by such generosity. We used to have a contact icon on our accounts, but that is gone now. I don't know why. I used to have my contact available to anyone interested in contacting me.

I'm open to giving my contact information, however, I don't want to break DP rules. Not sure what to do.

I'm really good at asking for others.. not so good at asking for myself.. except when it comes to God. I ask God to help me a lot.

Thank you for the very kind and most generous offer I've ever had on DP. It's VERY touching and I would be very grateful for help.


Maybe MN will comment on this thread

If you like, you can send mailing address to iysanderSpoon@aol.com and I'll send a donation. I'm not a rich person so I can't send much. The idea is that if MN will allow you to make a post with your expenses and address info., several of us could send donations and help you out. Thank you ((((Granger)))) and all the others here who are working so hard for us!


Because of your suggestion, I emailed MN asking him what would be the proper way to handle this, if anything at all.

You have touched me very deeply, and I am profoundly grateful for your suggestion.

From the bottom of my heart, I THANK YOU. I'm very humbled by this. I can't say THANK YOU enough, and know, what ever comes from this, even if nothing from DP.. I will take your spirit with me to the convention, and work hard to make you, and those who believe in me, proud. The convention is March 1- 3.. and I will make a report when I return.

I'm so wowed by your offer.. I hardly know me.. reeling.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVstHPhaJ6M

Hey {{{{{{Granger}}}}}}}

Did you ever hear back from MN on this?

Yes (((((((((((((((Missy)))))))))))))))))

I heard from DP this morning giving me permission to make a post. I've been over on the, "Look what came in the mail yesterday..." post by MN, where he's showing off the awesome rEVOLuton car badges RobHino made.. I posted to the poster ProudAmericanFirst, asking him to buy me a rEVOLution car badge (a test run in asking someone who gives me TOUGH LOVE), and then went further and explained "my dilemma".

I have, because of you, decided to ask my committee members for support. I think there's at least two out of four who will.. (there are more members on the committee, two are Ron Paul RepubliCANs, two are Tea Partiers, and the rest.. well.. be nice if they left.

So now, what I'm trying to do is make a post.. come up with a chip in. I want to do this properly, accepting the donations properly, see if there is a tax break to offer, or if there more than I asked given, what I could do with the money to return it to DP community that would benefit everyone. I believe the treasurer training at the CA GOP convention will answer my questions.

If you have any suggestions about how to make a proper post.. I'm all eyes! It amazes me how excited I am.. I am so very grateful to you for opening a door in my life I never considered. Still WOWED!

THANK YOU for changing my life for the better (((((Missy)))))

That is very cool!

Michael is the best! I know it's embarrassing to ask for money, so when you do write the post, feel free to say it was my idea lol

...And, I would include an itemized list of things that need to be paid for/cost and the importance of/what is scheduled to take place at the convention as you did in your post above.

And I'd include a promise to give us a detailed report on what takes place at the convention (which I'm sure you'd do anyway).

I really appreciate your sincere thanks, but you're the one who's doing the work and you've been paying the costs out of your own pocket. Those of us who appreciate what you're doing and have the means, deserve the opportunity to say thank you by chipping in.

Congrats Granger, and look forward to reading the post and chipping in!

I know you all win down vote me - but here goes anyways

It is a fools errand to try to take over the GOP.

1. In case you were not paying attention last year - they pretty much did whatever they wanted with no consequences. We won nothing. I simply cannot see how people feel we are winning in the GOP - we are not - they are winning - they are swatting us like flies - oh but they missed one fly so we are winning??
2. I still don't get WHY anybody wants to take over the GOP. It is a bad label, a dead brand, even if you take it over - what good will it do - the name has more bad conotation than good at this point.

Just look at a state like CT - go ahead - take over the GOP - then you are certain to lose the election. Having an R next to your name pretty much means you are screwed. So great - you took over the losing team - yeh for you.
It would take less effort and money to build a new name than to go through getting rid of the bad reputation of the "R", then having to rebuild that as well.

To take over the GOP is to crush the only thing it has going for it - power and money - but here's the problem - that power and money are not there FOR the GOP they are using the GOP. Even if you take it over - the power and money will simply leave.

What should we do instead, then?

What do you suggest as a better strategy?

What "new name" do you suggest we build?

Don't just criticize, that doesn't help. Put up a positive idea as well.

I'm an elected Republican District officer and a voting member of the State Central Committee. I'm doing something.

What have you actually done for liberty?

I have this same conflict

I have this same conflict almost everyday, "should I or should I not"? One thing that stands out in my mind, if the GOP is not worthy of the fight (as in a lost cause and cannot win), then why are they fighting us? When they attack you (us) like they have, I think that means we are hovering over ground zero and we are winning, albeit baby steps.

There is no Left or Right -- there is only freedom or tyranny. Everything else is an illusion, an obfuscation to keep you confused and silent as the world burns around you." - Philip Brennan

"Invest only in things that you can stand in front of and pr

to keep the party in check!


It is a fight that is more

It is a fight that is more viable in some areas than others. Take stock of your situation and take action for liberty accordingly.

For some, using the GOP is very viable, particularly for local and state politics.


It's NOT about what THEY want. Who gives a flipping burger what THEY want?

It's about what we want and how to materialize it.

It's a GOOD FIGHT. THANK YOU RON PAUL for inviting me into the GOP!

Your post is exactly the kind of DEFEATISM I'm talking about. It's nothing but negative rubbish designed to create apathy and DEFEAT.

Or perhaps another point of view and another direction

to focus energy on.

And THEY(those at the top tiers who pull the strings of power and money) did not get power and money by being all sentimental and moral.

IF you gain traction in the GOP - they will merely burn it to the ground - leave us holding the charred remains - and shift the power to a new "3rd party". They will throw a few grenades into the ranks of the GOP(umm - have you seen Boehners performance - not exactly the model of a winning leader - more like a guy ready to pull the pin and blow the GOP up at anytime), these sacrificial lambs will be well compensated for falling on the sword and collapsing the party name.

Why not both

If some in the liberty movement are willing to work toward taking over the GOP, we should support their efforts. They are making some headway and who knows how it will all pan out. Even if the only victory is taking down a few corrupt party insiders and being a thorn in the side of the PTB, it will have been worth it in the end, imo. We can still focus on other areas as well.

You said it

"another POV and DIRECTION", to keep the powers that be in place and destroy the rEVOLution as an inside job. Who needs Neocons when we have a LibertyMovement energized with apathy and fear?

FEAR is an aconym:


If you are not in the GOP and fighting for Liberty, you have nothing but, "another POV and hopes for another direction".

good luck to those who are

good luck to those who are trying to work within the G.O.P. and take it over. Best of luck to all of you.

It really is a fight that is worth waging. especially if karl rove has to come in to play to try to stop it. keep waging that fight.


They fought us, now we win!

This Saturday I am participating in a Senate District Convention in MN... WISH US LUCK!

Good information, thanks


"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

thanks for the post.

thanks for the post.