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Call on Rep. Justin Amash to Lead Impeachment Charges Against Obama for Claiming Power to Kill Americans

Looking for suggestions of House members whom you consider liberty candidates. It seems to me that Rep. Amash is the closest thing we have to a liberty incumbent, with his outspoken stand against NDAA.

2014 liberty challengers should announce now their intention to run on an impeachment platform based on Obama's audacious and arrogant statement that a US citizen does not even need to be involved in an active plot to be killed by drone strike or other means by the president. You'll have 20 donors before you know it.

This is as close to saying "I can do whatever the eff I want" as any president has ever come. Even Nixon denied he was a "crook," and somehow managed in his shambling, insecure mannerisms to try to appear appropriately humble before the American people, even if it was only an act. Obama not only does not bother to deny the claiming of unconstitutional powers, but all but brags about it. He calls it "wise." Nixon had a tendency not to look you in the eye, a sign of some remaining conscience. Obama looks at you, sneers, pokes you in the chest with his Secret Service thugs gathered around him, and says: "What are you going to do about it?"

Then he tosses his head back one more time and smirks and says, "yea, that's what I thought." Obama is a Chicago thug, nothing more, nothing less. Many were taken by the constitutional law professor routine, including me. But his true colors have been revealed.

This one is not going away. The rumblings in the halls of congress are that the way Obama handled this was really, really dumb. He could have kept killing us in secret, and made up lies when he got caught. But he just HAD to call them out. The people. The peons. Something for which there could be no good reason except the sheer fun of f*king with them. Just can't get out of the old 'hood.

I can hit your son, your daughter while she's hiking in Peru, or teaching English in Guatemala, and I don't have to tell you sheeet.

But the former president of Guatemala is up on war crimes and genocide, Mr. President, after all these years. Yep, a president, just like you.

US Representative Justin Amash, Please file articles of impeachment!

Rep. Amash contacts (after hours message service):
Washington DC
Phone: (202) 225-3831
Fax: (202) 225-5144

Grand Rapids, MI
Phone: (616) 451-8383
Fax: (616) 454-5630

CONTACT FORM FOR CONSTITUENTS (If anyone has an email for any staffers please post it here, so the rest us can send an e-mail too)


Impeach Obama Now Over the "Right" to Kill Americans with Drones, There Will Never be a Better Time

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Max Igan in his analysis of Sandy Hook

says they are baiting us to civil war and are itching for it. He says we must not take the bait but channel energy into peaceful avenues like impeachments call all across the country, which he talks about a little in this video starting at 22:20 ("Project Sandy Hook Explained")


There are many things we can and should do before full scale rebellion. Time works against them as more and more people, including military and police, wake up.

Release the Sandy Hook video.