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15 year old Johnny Cash...Wow!

15 year old Johnny Cash...Wow!!!!!!!!

A 15yr old boy with unusual voice. Discovered singing on a Seattle Street.
Vince Mira, 15, is a somewhat shy kid who looks uncomfortable during a TV interview. But, when he steps up to the microphone to sing Johnny Cash's classic "Ring of Fire" the result is downright spooky. He performs this song on the Good Morning America show.

There is a short commercial at the beginning of the clip, but let it run, you'll be glad you did.

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he reminds me of a 15 year old Bob Dylan.

Good stuff! Thanks for posting.


He does a decent imitation of Johnny Cash but sound "Like" Johnny? Not even close. You want to here close listen to Juakin Phoenix that's close, But not even Juakin has the heart or soul necessary to sound "like" The Man in Black.

I saw this kid

I saw Vince Mira at a music festival back in the summer of 2008.

On stage is a trio of old timers and this little mexican kid with a guitar. Especially given the way they were dressed, nobody expected much. He introduced himself in a high pitched kid's voice, then the band started playing.

As soon as he started to sing in that deep Johnny Cash voice, everyone's ears perked up and the crowd immediately packed in around the stage.

He was a highlight of the festival.

The founders would be ashamed at us for what we are putting up with.

Whoa, he does

sound like Johnny Cash! I like it.

"Vince Mira, 15, is a somewhat shy kid who looks uncomfortable"

Yeah cause that moron said he looked more like 10 lol.. He was probably trying to contain himself. :)

He's pretty damn good but I still like the original. He got me singing along with him though.

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Some good news. Sue is back!

Johnny Cash, Meet Johnny 'No Cash" Or 'Alot of Cash'



You were NOT wrong. That's for sure.


He is even lower than JC!

Thanks, I adore Johnny Cash.

Here is Johnny at age 23:

He's wearing white too.