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Update, Police in California are so scared they are shooting at anyone they see in blue Nissan truck

It looks like the women in the truck settled for 4.2 million dollars. They should have got more.


What a bunch of chickens.



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Two versions of the letter:


From Bharder07 below:

as Dr. Paul would say, What is going on here?

One defends Obama and instituting a gun ban, the other makes no mention, one makes no sense, the other is to the point for the most part.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

lol, californians don't have guns,

So they have to find creative ways to protect themselves:


Yes, there are gun owners

No, they can't carry the guns anywhere. That wasn't the point of the post anyway. Did you look at the picture?

that is a perma-troll with sockpuppets.

basically a disinfo agent.
their only purpose is to confuse and distort information.
this one has been busted many times as you just did.

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Fugitive's rant puts focus on evolving LAPD legacy

On Friday, a community of online sympathizers formed, echoing complaints against police that linger in some communities. One Facebook page supporting Dorner, which had over 2,300 fans by Friday evening, said "this is not a page about supporting the killing of innocent people. It's supporting fighting back against corrupt cops and bringing to light what they do."

The LAPD was once synonymous with violent and bigoted officers, whose culture and brand of street justice was depicted by Hollywood in films like "L.A. Confidential" and "Training Day."

In 1965, 34 people died when the Watts riots, triggered by a traffic stop of a black man by a white California Highway Patrol officer, exposed deep fractures between blacks and an overwhelmingly white law enforcement community.


They'll probably never find the guy

and they'll remain trigger happy.

The Suspect's Manifesto

This is

the manifesto that a news outlet claims was his with the anti gun nonsense, it does seem that there are two versions:


"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

dumb cops

are shooting people in Hondas and Toyotas. They don't even know what a Nissan looks like. They are getting a taste of their own medicine and it scares the crap of them. Breaking into peoples homes in the middle of the night to shoot their dogs or shaking down motorists is their preffered daily occupation. When it comes to acting like real cops, they haven't got a clue. Karma is a real bitch. And this is only one guy fighting back against them.

Right or wrong, this

Right or wrong, this situation is giving a voice to every person who either carries a grudge or has had a negative interaction with the police. Government's new gun grab hasn't helped either.

He's resting now.

I don't think he's whacked out. Several psychologists have said he is thinking clearly but is depressed.
He may not have written the part about politics and guns. Didn't seem to fit his writting style and went overboard. Who knows, could have been added. I don't trust anything I read anymore.
He's qualified to carry this out to fulfill his goals. They would never find him. If cool headed and patient, could just pop one of the "racist" or "bad guys who beat up old ladies" or "cop thugs who beat up possibly innocent people when handcuffed on the ground" types every once in a while to keep them on their toes, make them sweat. Come to think of it, didn't he allude to doing just that? Normally, the names on his list would be checked to see if what he said was true but nothing is normal anymore. Thought crossed my mind, bet Obama and Bush are friggin' elated and relieved he LIKES them!
Didn't think it possible to clean up the notoriously corrupt LAPD but...... he's definitely going to take a 'shot' at it.

If you live in California:
And drive a dark car, trade your car in for a red one
Are a large white male, expose skin, stay away from BBQ chicken fast food places.
If a large man of color, talcum powder face, act clumbsy, awkward & always carry a jar of Mayonaise.


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Here is a thought I had...

(I wonder if I'm alone?)

Would someone try a copy cat killing and try to say it was this guy?

Maybe another cop who had a "beef" with a coworker and needed him "gone"?

It kinda opens the door, doesn't it?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

I was just telling my wife the same thing

As long as this guy is out there then anyone can pop a cop and this guy will immediately get blamed.

Too bad the lone nut cop is

Too bad the lone nut cop is so wacked out he likes both Hillary Clinton and Bush Senior and is all for harsher gun control laws. I read his diatribe and he was making some sense until he started revealing his wacky politics.


it seems there's a doctored version with some 11 extra pages that don't fit in - for obvious reasons.

What makes this so bizarre...

is that the so called "bad guy" is a former cop. A disgruntled one at that.

Maybe this Rambo act will force the media into digging in to what really happened and he may get his name cleared.

I doubt he will be taken alive.

Yep; a bunch of chickens...

I live in L. A. and just finished coming from taking a cruise around town to see how many cops were on the streets today. I went from near downtown L. A. into Glendale, and a little bit into the city of Pasadena. Guess what, I didn't see a single cop--not in a car, not on a motorcycle; and I've only seen just one helicopter in the air so far, when usually the sky is full of them all day, every day. Humm, are they really that afraid of just one well-trained guy who knows how to use his weapon? And, are they really so afraid that they had to fire on two unarmed ladies delivering their newspapers without first identifying them before pumping over 50 rounds of ammo at them? It proves that they believe that our lives mean nothing to them when they find themselves being targeted by one of their own!

I am not on that guy's side, let me make that clear. But to see our alleged public servants not so visually apparent today posted at their usual places makes me all the more confident that our own well-trained vets are the guys I will count on if/when the sh!t hits the fan, which I hope it never does!

America can now see why we must never, ever give up on our Second Amendment Right to bear Arms, because when our so-called protectors out of fear for their own safety lose their collective minds--and they will in a civil war--they'll start shooting at us first without provocation! Woe to those of us who aren't armed or are not standing behind someone who can protect us, someone who does know how to tactically shoot back at them. Maybe this isn't the best example for the Second Amendment, but it is just my opinion.

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Thanks for the local insight.

Our "network" here is awesome!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Good points.

Law enforcement does not exist to protect the people, it exists to protect the State. The brilliant thing about your observation is that the State's protection against one man is a joke. We should all learn a lesson from this. Even though the State claims to have control and power over the population it is all smoke and mirrors. We should never give up our second amendment. We are actually the ones in control.

Its all about fear.

Its all about fear.

chicken is not the exact word

chicken is not the exact word I used on my post but its close. It got edited.

And this is just one trained

And this is just one trained guy they are fighting and the entire state is virtually in lockdown from it . . . let your mind wander on that one a bit.

Blessings )o(

That is why they want to

That is why they want to disarm us. They know that they don't have a chance against millions of angry citizens should it ever come to that.

Does anyone still think we

Does anyone still think we don't live in a police state? It is only going to get much worse.30,000 drone is our skies by 2016. Vehicles with scanners scanning us in our automobiles.RFD chips being used. Cameras on every street corner.Scanning to goto the movies,supermarkets and shopping malls.Think it won't happen? Neighbors spying on neighbors for the government for cash rewards?Every telephone and cell phone conversation being recorded and stored by the government including every e-mail.Land of the free! I think not. The AMERICAN DREAM has become the AMERICAN NIGHTMARE.

Bob Marshall

I know. I don't know whether

I know. I don't know whether to get depressed or angry.


get angry!


get angry and activated

Los Angeles Cops

Are Gang bangers on the other side of the tracks these days. Just look at them. Tatted head to toe,even their necks are inked up. They wear all black including face masks,They're on steroids and HGH. and they have the power of a do nothing leadership.They are the Law that they are not subject to.