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Update, Police in California are so scared they are shooting at anyone they see in blue Nissan truck

It looks like the women in the truck settled for 4.2 million dollars. They should have got more.


What a bunch of chickens.



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Elections do NOT equal Democracy and are NOT "democratic"

democracy is Greek for "rule of the people."

By definition then, if rule is instead by representatives, it is NOT "of the people." The fact that these representatives are chosen by election is entirely irrelevant. The representatives can exercise, and are EXPECTED to exercise independent judgement.

There is no bandwagon here. And I'm not jumping on it.

You were taught wrong, or you weren't paying attention in school if they tried to teach you correctly.

What you keep repeating and insisting on, is a version of things that is propagated by socialists for well over 100 years now, in their attempt to get us to collapse our society with democracy, so their socialist policies will be more acceptable and get implemented more widely. Socialism cannot take root in a republic. It needs the chaos brought about by economic collapse, or by revolution. Democracy is prone to economic collapse via a loose fiscal policy as has been well documented. Your insistence on any democratic elements to our nation lead us down the wrong path.

We were not designed to operate as a democracy or with any democratic tendencies or elements. We were designed to operate as a republic - rule by law. To the extent there are Americans like you who do not know, or refuse to understand the difference, and who keep insisting on being a democracy or retaining any democratic elements, or keeping the functions and trappings of a republic while effectively functioning as a democracy—to that extent we are in grave danger of chaos and collapse.

And for the record, Presidential elections are not that important. In order of importance, elections are as follows:

State Legislature (one or both houses, depending on your State)
State Executive
Congressional (traditionally, House, but now House and Senate)
Electors for President & Vice-President
President & Vice-President

If we were to put our focus on elections in the proper order, we'd realize where all the power resides and belongs.

God you are fucking stupid.

God you are fucking stupid. Mincing words does not change the fact. Now go outside and play and let the adults talk.

Personal attacks again?

Adults do not engage in them. "By the fruit..."

I call it how I see it,

I call it how I see it, hipster kid.

WRONG! Supreme court justices

WRONG! Supreme court justices and the entire federal court system is nominated by the president, who is voted on by the people. They must then be confirmed by the senate, also voted on by the people. Sorry, you lose.

Are you serious? Are you even listening to yourself?

You asked for people who were not elected, who were appointed.

I gave you that list.

The entire federal bench, along with the upper officers of all executive departments are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.

That is NOT DEMOCRACY or anything even REMOTELY related to being "democratic."

The decisions are NOT made by "the people." The decisions are made INDEPENDENTLY by elected representatives.

Even our President is NOT chosen by "the people." The President and Vice-President are chosen by a special set of very few Electors.

You keep trying to imply that elections = democracy when that is not true.

Electing representatives, who are independent thinkers, and who cast votes independently of what their constituents want, is one of the main mechanisms of a REPUBLIC.

It is designed this way to REMOVE the decision from "the people" and place it into the hands of a smaller subset, hopefully more learned, but who are sworn not any oath to a man or to even the nation, but to the LAW. Thus, their primary responsibility is NOT to do what their constituents tell them to do, but to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic."

No, a democratic republic is

No, a democratic republic is not mutually exclusive. Even the Romans had a democratic republic to an extent. Different sections of society got to vote for different parts of the republican leaders.

Just because the popular vote picks certain leaders doesn't mean it is totally democratic. It is a republic because certain sections of society elect people to represent them.

So, yes we ARE a democratic REPUBLIC. I'm not sure why you are arguing with me on this. It is quite obvious. We are a democratic republic.... would you rather us be an Oligarchic republic?

How should we elect our leaders? We are a democratic republic and if you can think of a better way of doing things than our founders then please be my guest and say so.....

Constitutional Republic

We're a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC that happens to use a mix of democratic and non-democratic methods in its institutions.

Don't bother, he's obviously

Don't bother, he's obviously made up his mind to ignore the truths that are right in front of him.

Democracy isn't so much about method as it is about what is the

basis for decisions.

Same with a republic.

Madison, in that PDF I linked, explained that even in the 1780s, people were making this error because there were ancient systems that called themselves a "republic" when they were a democracy and so forth.

Electing representatives is not democratic and does not make a country a democracy. Elections ≠ Democracy. That is an error.

I challenge you to find a Founder who claimed what they created

was a democratic republic.

It would be interesting, because as far as I know, no one else ever has.

They emphatically stated they created a "republic." And never modified it.

They even commented back then that many people get the two confused and don't understand the difference.

The process of elections does not imply democracy.

See here:http://www.devvy.com/pdf/larosa/larosa_democracy_or_republic.pdf (PDF)

"Would they blow us all up?"

"Would they blow us all up?"

There's a distinct possibility.

"How would they look then?"

They wouldn't care.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

The rest of the nation MIGHT

The rest of the nation MIGHT care.. I'm not too sure. But shouldn't we try? Are our lives really worth all that much if we are nothing but slaves anyway? I'm ready to march..... let's get it done.

L.A. Confidential...?

May be more than one cop involved...More to come..

Hush, Hush..