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To See, or Not To See:

To See, or not to See: That is the Question:

Is it more noble to suffer living in a world filled with so much corruption and Oppression, Or to Take Up Arms against a Sea of Troubles and by Opposing Them... To Die... To Sleep.. No More?

And by a Sleep, I mean we end our Heart-ache... We end all the Vulnerabilities and susceptibilities to Pain that all human flesh is heir to... to sleep would be nothing short of a release.

To Die?... To Sleep?... A chance to Dream?

Yes!... but that's the problem.

What happens when I get my Sleep?... What Dreams May Come To Be, if I were to shuffle off my Mortal Coil?

This should make us pause... Fear causes us to suffer a long life of Oppression... But why?...

Who would ever Allow themselves to suffer the Whips and Scorns of Time?
To suffer their oppressors?
To suffer Discrimination from others?
To suffer the Pain of Despised Love?
To suffer the Inadequacies of the Law and Justice?
To suffer the Insolence of Elected Officials and to take their disdainful patronage toward your intellect in Stride?
To suffer having to give every fucking bit of whatever they say you have to give, when they themselves make pay their share by the threat of violence.

Who would bare this Burden?
To Grunt and Sweat under a Weary Life?...

It is that the dread of something after death, the Undiscovered Country from which none have Ever Returned, puzzles the Will of Men... It makes us predisposed to suffer the reality of this crazy fucking world of oppression.

Our fear of death makes us Bear the ills of this world every single day.

Thus!... Conscience does make cowards of us All.

Thus, the Radiant Brilliance of this world is sicklied over with the pale cast of "Thought"!

The Soul and Heart of Humanity dies everyday from malnutrition... From the currents turning awry...

And good men lose the name of action.

Victor Escobar

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I totally get it. Good work:)

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

Thank you

Thank You.