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Reality Check: Should Federal Ban on Hemp Production Be Lifted

Reality Check: Should Federal Ban on Hemp Production Be Lifted


Posted: Feb 05, 2013 6:38 PM PST
Updated: Feb 05, 2013 6:38 PM PST
By Ben Swann - bio | email

(FOX19) -
Could a federal ban on hemp production soon be lifted?

One of Americas most powerful Senators is now backing that idea and throwing his support behind a bill that could mean an economic boom for Kentucky.

So what exactly is hemp and what has it been banned in the United States in the first place?

Ben has the Reality Check you won't see anywhere else.





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Anyone here know?

What the production of industrial hemp is per acre and what the dollar value per bushel/bail of hemp is? If hemp goes into full production, what agricultural, or other products would be displaced? I'm thinking there could be a whole lot of reasons hemp is illegal to be grown here. Could the competition of industrial hemp be a threat to the synthetic fiber, petroleum, wood fiber, plastics and cotton industries, just to name a few? If we produced our own hemp that would probably end all of the hemp imports, that's another group of special interests that wouldn't be too happy about legalization.

I hear the sound of a whole lot of oxes being gored with this legislation.

Null & Void!

Null and void from its inception.

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No, actually it can't.

No, actually it can't.

Good Report, Informative

But, if hemp growing was allowed, marijuana could easily be grown in-betwixt the hemp plants, of course. Lol, can't have that.

The Federal Ban is Unconstitutional/


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