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Will Big Government take advantage of Marijuana legalization?

As state after state begins to legalize marijuana, for medical use or personal use, some big government nannies in these states are trying to figure out how to regulate the use and possession marijuana, which has been reported on by *CBS and *CNN. The focus point of these control freaks?...driving while smoking marijuana, and they are saying out loud that they are unsure on how to regulate DWS (driving while stoned).

My biggest concern in all this is that while they are trying to figure out how to regulate it, the idea for it may already be in front of their faces, and some may already know about it and are just waiting for the right time to implement it. The test of choice by the tyrants is drawing your blood and checking the THC levels. There have already been examples of cities drawing blood to check alcohol levels, as reported on by *Fox News and *The Times-Picayune.

So, I urge all Liberty loving people to watch their politicians carefully, and let your voice be heard through out this process, for if you don't, you may end up being forced by police to give blood as an excuse to see if you are high.

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Will Big Government take advantage of Marijuana legalization?

duh... what do ya think? Somebody will.

God forgives always. Man forgives sometimes. But Nature never forgives.

Just for you my friend

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thanks again

thanks again :)





Great article

Well thought out and interesting. Thanks for posting

Thank you

You are too kind.

In 5-10 years it will be

In 5-10 years it will be illegal to manually drive a car anyway. All cars will be forcibly retrofitted with Google autonomous driving technology. Government and insurance companies will make it happen... Oh, and regarding cannibas, the cigarette companies will take over production and distribution.


Interesting perspective. I didn't think about the cigarette companies getting involved in the marijuana business. Thanks

Just a theory. They already

Just a theory. They already have the means for mass cultivation, manufacturing and distribution... it only makes sense.

Ya, it does

Ya, it does make sense. It actually wouldn't surprise me if they corporatized marijuana.