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WeAreChange Confronts Joe Biden Regarding 911 Conspiracy

This is one of my favorite WAC videos. At the beginning Biden is playing to the crowd. He's got them laughing and everyone is jovial. Then the WAC reporter gets his attention and asks a long question where it isn't immediately evident at first that it's about 9/11. Biden is paying attention the whole time so he can't pretend he's not listening. Then the 9/11 piece of the question comes and Biden is thrown for a loop. He even directly faces the camera with a deer in the headlights look on his face (at the 3:52 mark). Then he abruptly answers the question ("yes you can trust us") and walks off. The WAC reporter then follows-up by asking "were you part of the treasonous cover-up on 9/11". I thought it was a well done video in that they really put him on the spot.