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Eddie Griffin Schools Chris Rock on Obama

BEFORE YOU CLICK - Be aware that this is quite R-rated with a considerable amount of profanity. If you're offended by strong language please skip this post.

You have been duly advised.


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Laugh track?

What is this, a 70's sitcom? Seems unnecessary, some good material.

I heard he was friends with

I heard he was friends with Bill Hicks.

Garan's picture

Crystal Clear

..and well delivered.

Here is a link without Chris Rock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vktlbXiYd24#t=5m4s

Was awesome even though it

Was awesome even though it wasn't in direct response to Chris Rock.. and honestly, I don't know why anyone every really liked Chris Rock anyway. Yelling racist jokes in a high pitched girl voice never appealed to me. Old Eddy Murphy racist jokes were great. Chris rock, not so much. I dunno why anyone every liked him. He was never funny.