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California No longer requiring 8th Graders to take Algebra

California will no longer require eighth-graders to take algebra — a move that is line with the Common Core standards being adopted by most states, but that may leave students unprepared for college.

Last month, California formally shifted to the Common Core mathematics standards, which recommend that students delay taking algebra if they aren’t ready for it. Previously, algebra class was a requirement for all eighth-graders in the state.

The Common Core State Standards Initiative, which is sponsored by the National Governor’s Association, is an effort to unify diverse state education curricula. Forty-five other states and the District of Columbia have signed on so far.


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It shows

It goes to show how ignorant you are about algebra.

I'm confident that I could teach children calculus before HS

algebra by 4th or 5th grade.

Public School is a Prison Sentence

I am a HS Algebra teacher.

The general public are not interested in knowing how to think. If I tell my 9th grade Algebra students that inflation is like taking a $100 bill, crossing out the zeroes, and calling it a $1 bill... Most of my students would say "so what?" or "it's only paper anyways, I don't care." or "what do you mean..." or "I don't get it." or "that would be funny, haha."

Zero critical thought. Do you think having "Algebra Class" written on your transcript will change your desire to think critically about reality?

The average family and their kids are DETACHED from anything important, and are only focused on unhealthy behaviors; entertaining their brain with simple things.

To people in that category, only interested in mindless entertainment and instant self-gratification, education and thinking skills TASTE LIKE POISON.

As a teacher, I will tell you first hand, the institution of govt public education NEEDS TO END. There are other, better, more efficient methods available (such as homeschooling).

And of course I am looking for a more virtuous career path after seeing this.

Sad. I see it all around and

Sad. I see it all around and I'm starting to wonder if these people are worthy of freedom. No wonder we are in the mess we are in. The masses have become just a bunch of peasants.


Teach HS Calculus. You'll get a higher people who care to people who don't care ratio.

And of course I am looking for a more virtuous career path after seeing this.

Teaching is virtuous. You're a teacher, the classroom is yours. Get tenure, fail the kids who suck, work on the kids who want to learn. No one teacher is right for teaching everyone so do what you can.

You are so right.

It's has gotten very bad since the 60's when I was in the California government schools, and even then the standards were already plummeting (when I left high school I felt like I didn't know anything). Back then if a teacher had brought up inflation, all the students in my circle would have been intrigued, and there would have been a lively conversation because the students would not only have been interested, but were capable of comprehending.

I think the foundation for our ability to understand was the heavy rote learning we had from 1st to 6th grade. We had a platform of knowledge to stand on and build from that the kids today don't have.

When I started home schooling mine, I had to create my "curriculum" from scratch. There was nothing out there except Calvert, but I didn't care for it (I used to see the little ads for it in the back of the National Geographic when I was in grade school, and longed to be able to have that at home!). Nowadays there is no excuse for enrolling kids in the state run baby sitting places because there is so much free education on the internet, internet schools, DVD curriculum, support groups, and thousands of out-of-copyright books are free if you think buying them is too expensive. There are curriculum and book fairs! I know of a formal logic course on DVD for teenagers that is about to hit the market, too.

Research has been done that shows that even parents who haven't graduated from high school can, if they really want to, turn out kids who test very high.

Forget about whether state schools should be gun-free; state schools ought to be child-free.

I think the article might be

I think the article might be a little misleading just due to own personal experience. I graduated from a private school in 1987.
We were years ahead of other schools in curriculum and Algebra wasn't offered until 9th grade. I have 3 children..1 homeschooled graduated and 2 top 1000 high schools in the country graduated. They were all offered pre algebra or algebra in the 8th grade..All graduated with 3.5 or higher taking college prep classes and finishing high school with calculus or probability and stats as their 4th year math. I find it very hard to believe that the only class offered in ALL California 8th grade schools was algerbra....it's just not normal curriculum. And the problem with todays education is not that they do not memorize the facts given them to learn or stay competitive. They are not given the tools to learn how to think.

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32


Algebra is good in a way for putting on a thinking cap but seems like most things to merely follow a pattern.

I cannot truly say if I am better for it or not?


Hopefully they will now focus upon Business Math

ie, accounting & finance. American needs more businesses and entrepreneurs.

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Common Core...

...is a horrible program - more federalized, standardization.

When it comes to homeschooling, you teach what a child is prepared for and understands. Algebra as a 5th grader? Great. Algebra as a 12th grader? Great. If the goal is to learn and understand, then it doesn't matter when. The goal is grasping the subject - when one is ready.

Every time you stop a school, you will have to build a jail.

It won't fatten the dog. - Speech, 11/23/1900
What is puzzling California school boards is: What punishment will take the place of required algebra?

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

It was never my intent...

to use the higher grade mathematics as I knew from a young age I didn't care about or rather wasn't passionate about the mathematics required to work in a field that demanded such. I got A's and B's in Algebra, Algebra II/Trig because I've always been good at memorizing things, some longer than others. I'm sure if I took an aptitude test on the subject today, over 15 years later I'd fail.

I don't need it, therefore I do not use it!

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

I know a lot of teachers and a lot of *Algebra* teachers don't

think it needs to be taught. The basic stuff has a use, but for the most part, it's skill that very few actually need for work or life.

Countless times I've had to

Countless times I've had to cross multiply to solve for x in all kinds of situations. It's quite possible that many people don't remember that such a formula exists and avoid having to deal with it.

I disagree

I've worked in various jobs during my life - carpenter as a teenager, then engineer, sales, marketing, etc. - EVERY single job required - or could be done better - with an understanding of algebra.

when a cook in the kitchen converts a recipe to serve more or fewer people, they use algebra. they may not think of it as such - but there it is.

converting a recipe to more or less servings is

addition and subtraction, multiplication and division. There is no algebra involved or needed.

The bold effort the present bank had made to control the government ... are but premonitions of the fate that await the American people should they be deluded into a perpetuation of this institution or the establishment of another like it-Andrew Jackson

Math is dangerous

People might figure out that the nation is BROKE, busted, bankrupt.

what do you get when you throw a bra in the ocean?


But seriously....

HOMESCHOOL!!! I wish I could!!!

Here's a great podcast from TODAY about public education, and what Christian parents should do...


God gave the children to the PARENTS...the parents are turning them over to the State....this.should convict the hearts ot believers....

And the dumbing down of

And the dumbing down of America continues.

Blessings )o(

Algebra teaches logical step by step thinking. I liked it!

The problem is that few teachers of math know HOW to teach math. So they cannot teach it properly. Regret to say that math is often taught by gym teachers who need to fill up their schedule of classes to get full time.

I would like to see them scrap the entire education system and teach by computer program. Learn the lesson; take the test; if you pass move to the next lesson. You don't want to learn? Then take a job with manual work that does not require education.

Algebra Teaches Kids How to be Obedient

And not to think for themselves. It has nothing to do with higher critical thinking skills. And provides no knowledge of the world, while preventing children from engaging in learning that essential to self-knowledge and awareness. Algebra is a form of thought/mind control that steals from the potential of the time spent in school.

If we want people who can take orders and obey the rules, then Algebra is the ticket. If we want people who can make decisions on their own, and manage their lives without someone telling them what to do, then Algebra is of zero value.

Right, and intensive

phonics, grammar, spelling, etc is only for people why can take orders and obey the rules!

Sorry I disagree

but I was the kid in class that always figured a better way to answer the problems. had a 103 average in algebra.

I am super capable of making my own choices,

a complete radical independent thinker, and for some reason math, especially algebra was FUN for me. After being shown the basic rules of the language I took off with it on my own.

We are all different. Not a good idea to form too many rigid categories for others. I am in no way the non-thinking person you describe. Quite on the contrary.

Math including algebra is just another language and it has rules for usage just like any language has. I think it should be an option. If you want it, need it for your career, or like it, then take it. I needed algebra for my degree. Algebra was and is the language of science and research.

You Needed Algebra for Your Degree

You said it right there. It is a hoop/hurdle that satisfies the degree requirement. Of no use otherwise. It also eliminates a large percentage of students that can't relate to such absurd number/letter drills. Algebra does more damage than good as many highly talented and intelligent individuals lose out on higher education because of the algebra hurdle. It's called "The Wall" by administrators at my college because more students drop out due to the algebra requirement.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, but your ability to be a free thinker was not enhanced at all by the math. And I disagree that algebra is the language of science and research. Conveying ideas with unlimited imagination is how we progress in science and research. All scientists and mathematicians use machines to do the computations. So, subjecting all young students to the abuse of endless math drills serves no purpose whatsoever other than to steal time from more valuable learning, or to discourage students from enjoying their learning, or continue learning throughout life.

NCLB has squeezed the life and vitality out of our schools, and the obsessive attention to math and grammar is at the heart of our schools' failure. We can do so much better. Study number letter games on your own time if you love it so much. Do you?

Computers need thinkers

to design the programs that do the computations in research! Someone needs to know math in order to design the programs.

I do not agree with the way math is taught but it does teach something about how to think analytically and come to conclusions. I would hate to see a researcher in science who relies only on a machine.

Seems like your opinion is extreme. Both sides of the brain are needed right side imagination, and left side analytical. A scientist who cannot deal with formulas is crippled and dependent on a machine programmed by someone else. And if the world as we know it ends and there are no machines...

Kids will learn what you are

Kids will learn what you are willing to teach them even better at early ages. its better to start early than wait. my cousin in mexico was in 6th grade and the school had them studying what i was learning in high school. kids in america are spoiled brats and rather play video games

░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ----------------O


....them damn kids. Who do they think they are. Not able to vote bastards. Take advantage of their parents against the parent's will....for the children.....

With you naming the kids in America as the problem, I think now it can be fixed!

8th Grade Algebra

I think the issue here is not primarily the curriculum. Of course, the federal government is try to establish a National Curriculum using RTTT. Basically enticing States to abandon their own curriculum for a National Curriculum. Massachusetts abandoned their far superior curriculum for the lower common denominator Common Core. California who also have a superior curriculum, also abandoned theirs.

So I think it is still part of the plan to deliberately create a union in everything that we do. It is to destroy State rights and to merge everything into a one nation.

Sorry, Common Core is a Far Better Curricum

than California's previous absurd curriculum. Thank god schools are finally moving away from teaching what to think, to teaching how to think. And Algebra is a total waste of time. It could be incorporated into other subjects briefly, but there is nothing more worthless than the current math curriculum. It has zero to do with real world requirements (other than more mindless upper division math classes).

Math is taught completely wrong. Refer to what actual mathematicians say about our dysfunctional math protocol http://www.maa.org/devlin/lockhartslament.pdf The new common core standards are modeled after the concepts from the book "The Global Achievement Gap" which explains that today's students need to learn skills that allow them to be successful in the modern world (e.g. ability to ask really great questions to solve problems, ability to be creative and work independently on projects or with groups of people, ability to communicate effectively, etc.).

This is a major breakthrough that coincides nicely with the developing revolution in much of the institutionalized protocol that is based on tyranny of the dark ages. Our schools can do far better than the mind control garbage that kids have been subjected to for far too long.