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Libertarian Creative Council - The Next Yahoo, Google or Facebook in the Internet Winds for the People?

I've spoken with quite a few people around here who are currently working on their own projects. Many are talented programers, graphic artists, communicators, etc...

The only thing we are missing in order to achieve our ultimate success (freedom - restoration of the republic) is some kind of heavy traffic website network such as a Facebook or Yahoo.

I'm looking to unite a group of libertarian "techies" into a "council" of sorts to see what we might be able to come up with as far as dealing with each others' desire for independence but at the same time recognition of the need to work with others as part of a team in order to achieve our goals.

The gist of what I'm saying is... if a handful of internet "wizards" put their heads together in this movement and worked TOGETHER on a common goal we might actually put something together that could push this thing over the fence to where we finally start getting public servants who serve the public and a government that works for the benefit of we the people.

Now I have a couple of possible core ideas that I feel if collaborated on by some smart people around here could offer "better mouse trap" style solutions that just take hold because they are BETTER and people WANT to use them more... and there is no LEARNING CURVE for the layman (or as some - including myself - call them - SHEEPLE).

We must face the REALITY that a vast majority of the population HAS ALMOST NO DESIRE TO EDUCATE themselves. WE MUST face this reality if we are going to be able to plot any workable solution which - in theory at least - offers a chance of actual freedom and lasting peace.

It has to be faster, cheaper or better in some way in order for people to use it. Usually it must be all three. If you have to explain how the FED works (yes it's simple for you and I but NOT simple for the newbie), you MUST remember what it was like when YOU WERE CLUELESS and thought there were bowls of cherries or sugar plums to be had in this life somewhere - all you had to do was "be good, for goodness sake," do you remember?

Now you're of course finding you that the real world is run by sociologically deranged psychopathic madmen and NEARLY ALL of your very labor has been stolen from you every day of your life and you never even knew they were taking it... but back to our pitch of "stronger, better, faster, cheaper..."

Here try this... no fees, convert stuff into money... it's like a yard-sale only you don't need any cash to be able to gain personal belongings... imagine everything you need in abundance available at a local trading post. No more "just in time" inventory system which has America teetering on the brink... just waiting for gas prices to hit 6 or 7 dollars causing a trucker strike and then pandemonium when Joe SixPack runs out of beer not to mention work because almost nobody is receiving any deliveries...

The FACT is we KNOW we're headed for a major problem yet almost nobody has proposed a workable replacement system for the current glue that holds society together - it's medium of exchange... my Bart-Mart idea is in essence an attempt to "open source" the very idea of using something as a convenience value holder - especially in the age of computers - something available to anyone who knows how to use a cellphone today...

If you need to hold a monetary "promise" or credit to/from any other individual it is as easy as sending them an email today... via some payment processor... but why haven't we eliminated the PAYMENT PROCESSOR from the equation when what really matters is the account of all our I.O.U.s? Hmm? Think about it... but think outside the box :)

I may expand... I may edit... but I'd like some feedback on the current ramblings. Thanks in advance :)

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On one side, I hear you calling for a new

Yahoo, Google or Facebook. Those are web sites where people congregate, share, opine and collect.

On the other hand, I hear you promoting an alternative currency.

Which are you requesting this new group create? If it's the latter, I don't get the FB connection. If it's the former, there doesn't seem to be any interest on this site for any of the suggestions I've promoted over the years.