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Michael Nystrom; is gonna be in a blizzard!

Hey Michael,

Assuming you haven't yet, or, don't plan on leaving the greater Boston area by noon tomorrow; this is what you will experience the next 30 hours...

This was our blizzard from two years ago this month in Chicagoland(I'm 14 miles west)

FIRST - the wind(watch the flag)


SECOND - the snow won't quit....all night long


THEN - it's over.....sunny, and 24" inches of snow on the ground


We'll be thinking of you, brother.....and we want updates and pics and video as you weather this historic storm!

Take care!

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blizzard UPDATE....blizzard UPDATE...

...can we get a blizzard update from Boston?

Does it look like my first video yet, at 7p.m. Eastern there?