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Smart Phone "Presidential Alert" Locked on...

At 3:40am this morning, I was awaken to a "Severe Alert" text message from the National Weather Service on my smartphone shown on the left:
Blizzard Alert.

DUH! and W T F! I knew the "Blizzard Nemo" was coming..the worst of it to start in 12 hours...and I need my handsomeness sleep.... Ok, I'm awake, so I look for the settings to turn this kind of message off... I find the setting screen shown on the right, "Amber Alert" for child abductions, Then Severe, then Extreme. I can turn these OFF... But the Top alert, the Presidential Alert, I cannot turn off or uncheck it....

So, what's up with this? What possible alert would the POTUS have for me? What are possible scenarios???

Sure, I can turn the phone off, but some phones turn themselves back on...(Not tested with this android samsung).

Looking forward to DP insights...

-Bob O

[Also, admin can turn my a href into an img src to make the pic show up in the post.]

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Just Wait

Before long your stove will do the same. They are making "smart" appliances now too.


Quit complaining Winston.

It's time for 2 minute love.

Or are you working for Emmanuel Goldstein!?!?!?

"What possible alert would the POTUS have for me?"

The Patriots are coming! The Patriots are coming!

or how about..

Your drone strike is ready. Hit Yes for send.. Hit No to rat on a Patriot.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Are you on the no fly and kill lists?


How would I know? I have

How would I know? I have received no message (yet) that says "Bob, You are now on the kill list. Please do not fly, we have you on the no fly list too. We know where you are."

Yikes! I think I'll give my phone to a wandering gipsy and put on my invisibility cloak and go off to my secret underground cave. Shhhhhh!

There are Many Bobs...I'm the Maine Bob!

Here is how to turn it off

You can disable the stock messaging program and install an alternative. If your phone is rooted, it is possible to disable the emergency notifications in the stock messaging program.

See this:


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Big brother

is watching and tracking you.