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Many DailyPaul Members Have Become NEOCONS

and/or hypocrites.

I would say that I hope that it works out for you, but then I would be lying.

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you so missed the point. we're not trying to infiltrate the parties. this isn't a james bond movie. we're trying to be the party. Please tell me you've heard Ron Paul talk about this.


a party isn't taken over without first infiltration, and of course that is the ultimate goal. maybe you can provide a link where ron paul talks about taking the party over?
there are plenty of intelligent, good people, even close friend's of ron who feel it cannot be done.

Ron Paul didn't say that as that was not his message

His campaign said, BECOME A DELEGATE!! How do you become a GOP delegate for Ron Paul without joining the GOP?

Ron Paul and Rand Paul are very cleaver in that they both know the power of what to say, and what not to say.


In an interview

with Bloomberg, Paul even went so far as to say the Republican Party was not his party — and is, in many ways, irrelevant.


delegates when he was running his campaign. you bet!

not MY party

What he was saying is he has NO control over the GOP.

Ron Paul did not say the GOP is NOT my party. He said it is not MY party.

Get the difference? He did not claim to be part of the GOP, he claimed he was not controlling the GOP.

i don't think anyone at any time

would ever believe he was controlling the party. that's pretty funny.

i believe he meant: it's not my party. i don't believe in their platform. i don't favor the keynesian way, nor their foreign policy or their pro police state stance.


we will agree to dissagree.

While he does not favor the keynesian way, the Bush doctorine of pre-emptive warfare or a pro-polce state, his response to this is, "The GOP lost it's way."

And so we join the GOP to RESTORE THE REPUBLIC and get them back to conservative values.

both parties to blame

"many ways irrelevant" get that?

now the freedom message! now you're talking!

No.. could you


Thank you.

granger we've been

around this mulberry bush enough times now you know exactly what i mean. Its all about spreading the libertarian message and ron paul has been outstanding with this, even working against tremendous odds. so far i've only seen the republican party try and stop him and the message. you believe differently. we will see.

It's not a Libertarian Message

Its a conservative message.

The Libertarian message is LEGTALIZE MARIJUANA. That has been the Libertarian message since 1972.

says you

Paul is best known for his libertarian views and is a critic of American foreign policy, etc etc etc

Critic of Bush doctorine foreign policy

Bush doctorine is how the GOP lost it's way.. the LP was never against US defense.

bush ran on a humble foreign policy

and then did the opposite which is of course the problem with most politicians: they say one thing and do another.

a strong national defense by all means. i think everybody is for that.

Yes, he did

And maybe this will apply to Rand, because I really don't believe Rand is a Neocon in any way shape or form, but working to materialize Ron's vison, in Ron's party, diplomatically, to RESTORE THE REPUBLIC.

wtf. We don't infiltrate. We

wtf. We don't infiltrate. We join. We show up. That's all. You don't even have to wear a disguise and it's free! They'll even email you before the meeting so you can add it to your calendar.

How is it that you don't understand this? You're intelligent and good people, but you're not seeing the point.

the GOP

is a vicious mob. how can you not see this?

It sure is..

We saw that and still seeing it, but, these old men are not going to last forever.

You don't have to infiltrate anything. Just become and then hold the party to its platform, which, is actually the libertarian constitutional platform ON PAPER anyway.

The current powers at the top don't follow it though due to outside interests and influence and melding into one big elite.

Eventually, hopefully, some of you will rise to the top and replace these neocon fools that are run by foreign bankers.

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preach it brotha

Where is that coming from, PAF?

Why make a statement like that and not back it up with real examples and/or reasons for thinking it's true?

I do not want to believe that because some of us are favorable towards Rand Paul you'd think we are neocons and/or hypocites. What set you off? You've got some 'splainin to do, my friend.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

That's pure conjecture...

...you've got nothing...you're looking to PROVOKE...go away!

Really? What does your post

Really? What does your post incite?

hopefully...it STIRS people up to say...

..."I am NOT a neo-con because...." and state their positions!

Why do you say that?

Why do you say that?

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