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Sheriff Mack on the rise of police brutality and lawlessness in law enforcement

"No longer the hero’s of our childhood, our local law enforcement agencies have been morphed into para-military organizations whose personnel in most cases, believes that the law does not apply to them. After watching this short video, it is apparent that the officers involved are acting in a manner indicative of someone who believes that no matter how egregious their actions, they will not be held accountable and in most cases, they are not.

This video is indicative of what happens when you allow the wearing of a badge to override the law."
Video and article is here:

or go to YouTube for video

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Sheriff Mac is the only Cop I trust.


Thanks for posting.

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Make no mistake.

These things are nothing new. We have a rich history of police brutality in this country. The only thing that has changed is we now have ways of documenting it. But instead of bringing an end of the legacy of brutality, all the exposure of documentation has done is show how it is accepted. These people never seem to be prosecuted for their brutality by those who have charge over them which means that it is acceptable to those in charge as well.

So not only are there no repercussions for there blatant brutality but they are emboldened to continue without worry of prosecution.

Government is also getting away with murder.

There is a psychopathic lack of compassion and empathy and often no respect for humanity. It is an attitude that now pervades the nation and the military abroad. But that is only a FEW. All it takes is a few bad apples.

LAPD excop

That's pretty much what the ex LAPD cop says. Only the bad ones are promoted. If an asylum, the saying about the inmates running it would apply.


Nice to see an article that

Nice to see an article that shows someone trying to do good. I needed that today. Gives me hope to see people speaking out for what is right.