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2 women delivering newspapers in a Toyota Tacoma in Torrance, CA were shot in manhunt for ex-cop. Police put 40 bullets into the

Two women delivering newspapers in a blue Toyota Tacoma truck in Torrance, California were shot in manhunt for ex-cop. Police shot up the newspaper delivery truck with out checking to make sure this was the man they wanted putting 40+ bullets into the vehicle that didn't even match the make of the truck they were looking for.



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Apparently his stated

Apparently his stated motivations aren't newsworthy. His essay is described as "rambling". I wouldn't describe it that way. Sure, it's long, but he must have known that he wouldn't be able to post regular updates while on the run.


It's bad enough that these cops(if the manifesto is correct) were corrupt but now it looks as if the innocent public will have to endure the wrath of Los Angeles finest at their OWN expense.

Who stands to gain advantage by helping a former cop gain retribution on the LAPD? Gangs maybe? Anyone who was wrongly convicted, brutaly beaten, physically assaulted, searched illegally, drugs implanted on their person or property, lost loved ones to police use of excessive force and/or discharging of their side arm, tazered for a moving violation?

How many other violations can you think of that spell hatred for the PD?

There's a lot of potential for chaos now

The police going around in unmarked cars, there will be rumors about vehicle descriptions, both on the police side and the citizen side.

If this were a hot summer's day I'd say the chances of a gun-heavy riot were 100%.

It seems the police are already rioting.

Defend Liberty!

They are out of control and

They are out of control and if you are out of control, you shouldn't be handling a weapon.

Why don't they grab scissors

Why don't they grab scissors and hide under desks?

They better

Put in another order with Big Sis for more bullets. Looks like they're gonna need them.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

They don't call it the

They don't call it the nation's largest street gang for nothing. It's a distinction they've earned. Nobody commits more crimes with total impunity than those who don a government costume.

Only the police should have

Only the police should have guns...

wait, you mean the uniform doesn't make them immune to crime?


Share this with your "guns are for the military and police only" friends

Should we wheel these poor

Should we wheel these poor innocent women in front of the cameras and call for justice by enacting gun restrictions for every cop across the nation? Maybe they can sing at the next super bowl?

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This is the DRONE principle of shoot&kill first and then

call the dead "guilty". The only inconvenient problem for the government killers in this case is that we can verify those killed. . . and prove HOW VERY WRONG the killers were in their assumption & execution.

Did they even attempt to pull this truck over?

If they did I am sure the women in the truck would have complied, this looks like a hit. They are out to execute that rogue cop.

Interesting that the system

Interesting that the system created the perfect weapon...a weapon now pointed at them. I swear we've seen this movie before. From Maniac Cop to Rambo to the Jason Bourne series.

A good case for "Gun Control"...

Who protects us from those entrusted to protect us?!!!
The Govt wants to control the wrong guns!!!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

"Who watches the watchmen?"

"Who watches the watchmen?"


Simply perfect.

Best Photo of Shooting; Ask DA for Independent Investigation

This is the best photo I've found showing the fusillade of bullets in the Torrance shooting.


Please join me in asking LA County DA Jackie Lacey to conduct an independent investigation into the two police shootings at innocent motorists.

With SWAT Teams doing no-knock raids, increasing enforcement in search of revenue, LAPD corruption and their shoot first policy, a strong repudiation to this reckless discharge of [hollow point] bullets is needed.

Please ask the DA to prosecute this illegal behavior to the fullest extent of the law.

To Contact the DA, click below.


Update on original story.

Manhunt: Newspaper carrier, 71, in ICU after being shot by police

LA Times: A 71-year-old woman delivering newspapers with her daughter remained in intensive care Thursday night after she was shot twice in the back by Los Angeles police detectives during a massive manhunt for a fugitive ex-LAPD officer, according to the womens' attorney.

Emma Hernandez was delivering the Los Angeles Times with her daughter, Margie Carranza, 47, in Torrance early Thursday when police officers apparently mistook their pickup for that of Christopher Jordan Dorner, the 33-year-old fugitive suspected of killing three people and injuring two others.

Hernandez was in stable condition late Thursday.


oh no

LAPD is everything they say they are