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Former Target Store Manager to Oversee Nation's Nuclear Security

By Dana Liebelson for Mother Jones

Ever since last summer, when a 82-year-old nun broke into the Y-12 nuclear weapons complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, the National Nuclear Security Administration has scrambled to improve its leadership and beef up security at America's nuke facilities. Now it appears the agency has found the man for the job: The weekly trade publication Nuclear Weapons & Materials Monitor reported last week that the NNSA has named as its acting head of nuclear security Steve Asher, a retired Air Force colonel who less than four years ago was working as a "team leader" at a Target store in Spokane, Washington. Prior to that, he commanded a missile base in Montana that flunked a nuclear security test within five months of his departure.

This November 2009 video, dug up by the Project on Government Oversight (where I used to be a fellow), shows Asher hawking Black Friday bargains: "A lot of folks were being thrifty in their shopping this year, and so we sold more of our $1.99 towels than we expected!" Watch here: http://www.krem.com/video/featured-videos/Black-Friday-deals...

Citing privacy concerns, Target declined to answer questions regarding Asher's term of employment

Read all of the story here: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2013/02/former-target-ma...

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I like Target, but this is

I like Target, but this is overdoing it.

Only our fearless leaders

would think to put a man in charge of our nukes who has a habit of painting a target on everything he touches!

I feel safer now.