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IRS Budget Woes? Shrinking Staff Threatens to Derail Agency

With two years in a row of budget cuts handed down from Congress, the IRS will be having fewer workers to deal with an increasingly more complex workload. (Not to mention the increase caused by Obamacare.) So far , the IRS has been dealing with this by reducing travel costs, training and contract spending. This, however, has not made up for the budget shortfall.

Halting hiring has been the current stop-gap, but this leaves the agency with a large percentage of workers who are approaching retirement age. Thirty-nine percent of IRS executives and about twenty percent of managers are eligible for retirement, and the percentages in five years will be seventy percent for executives and fifty percent for managers.

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Somehow I don't think the IRS will derail due to budget

problems. The only way I see the IRS being derailed is through tax reform that ends any need for it. Otherwise they will just run in the red just like the rest of government.