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Video "Let It Grow" - Restoring the Planet to Its Natural Form

"What is Terraforming Inc.?

"A colorful metaphor, intended to poke fun at the fact that our planet is nearing a point where it's uninhabitable and will soon need terraforming. Ironically, men known as geoengineers are currently doing just that: planning to control our weather and save us from global warming using their machinations. To be clear, Terraforming Inc. opposes man's attempts to "fix" the problem temporarily with aerial chemical spraying, shady back room funding, and no public disclosure or discourse. Only with a change in our hearts, minds, and actions will this world heal itself."
Great website with videos and ideas.

or watch YouTube
Let It Grow Song

The Fracking Song


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Haven't checked the links yet

but I agree with the premise of your post.