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The Meat Industry Now Consumes Four-Fifths of All Antibiotics

Last year, the Food and Drug Administration proposed a set of voluntary "guidelines" designed to nudge the meat industry to curb its antibiotics habit. Ever since, the agency has been mulling whether and how to implement the new program. Meanwhile, the meat industry has been merrily gorging away on antibiotics—and churning out meat rife with antibiotic-resistant pathogens—if the latest data from the FDA itself is any indication.

The Pew Charitable Trusts crunched the agency's numbers on antibiotic use on livestock farms and compared them to data on human use of antibiotics to treat illness, and mashed it all into an infographic, which I've excerpted below. Note that that while human antibiotic use has leveled off at below 8 billion pounds annually, livestock farms have been sucking in more and more of the drugs each year—and consumption reached a record nearly 29.9 billion pounds in 2011. To put it another way, the livestock industry is now consuming nearly four-fifths of the antibiotics used in the US, and its appetite for them is growing.


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Since I avoid following anything regarding celebrities as much as is humanly possible, can anyone tell me why it's illegal for athletes to take performance enhancing drugs voluntarily - like steroids - but it's legal for meat producers to pump 'performance enhancers' - like steroids - into their animals whose meat we eventually buy in some market??? Involuntary consumption of steroids.

BTW. My vet always prescribed 'antibiotics' for my pets...I learned online that's what they do when they have no clue.

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They very seldom have a clue. The best thing you can give your pets is fresh aloe vera and diatomaceous earth. (Food grade) Diatomaceaous is great for worming, fleas, earmites and just about any parasite going. Aloe vera is a great antibiotic, antifungal, antiviral and much more as well as a great topical cure for eyes, skin, rash, burns etc. Look up both and find out why you don't need expensive flea and tick meds or expensive wormer when you can cure your pets for under 5.00 with fresh aloe leaves and diatomaceous earth!


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+1 for "good to know". (Otherwise, tempted to scream oh-NO!)

LL, thanks for the info. This is the type of news I would have missed, if it wasn't for DP & you :-)

Thanks Dducks Ytc & everone else who posted comments

Makes me feel really good posting quality material on the Daily Paul.
Here is breaking news from Mexico I just found:

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Thanks LL.

The animals get indefinite but it is illegal to give them to me for more than 4 weeks for my Lyme disease. Fabulous.

Plus, healthy alternatives

to factory farming are actively suppressed:


Free range hogs were an economic mainstay historically in much of the US,
especially in the Appalachians and Ohio Valley. Typically, a small number of
animals were kept in confinement and fed during the winter then released
to run free in the forest, fattening on the then-abundant mast. Ownership
was kept track of by a system of cutting notches in the animals' ears.

In the fall, the pigs were rounded up, the bulk of them slaughtered or sold
and the whole process repeated. In Spain the highest quality ham is considered
to be from hogs finished on acorns (jamon de bellota - "bellota" being acorn).

Kind of hard to see how factory farming is any kind of improvement on that.

Good article (and excellent site) here:


The Irony is...

Its animal products that increase disease rates
AFter you read a book called the China study.. its like who cares because I'll rarely be giving them a dime anyway voluntarily. If I want it that bad I'll get it locally

Be careful of research...

...that's paid for by the meat and dairy industry.

Campbell of the China Study had his research grants pulled because he came out against meat and dairy (especially casein). The meat and dairy industry have all the money and just happen to be "advisors" to the USDA.

Is the USDA subsidizing meat

Is the USDA subsidizing meat or grains?

Look at the advisors

I'm certain you won't find that any of the USDA advisors are organic vegetable/organic grain producers.

Besides, factory farms still make a lot of money, unfortunately.

The answer is the USDA is

The answer is the USDA is subsidizing grains. Grains that are inhumanely fed to the animals that did not evolve to eat grains in these supposedly profitable factory farms. Would factory farms be profitable if they had to pay the full cost of operating in such a manner? You know why grain based products, including factory farm meat, is "cheaper" and more "profitable?" Because we've already paid for them.

What's your point?

I think you made the case to not eat factory farm meat and dairy. Man reaps what we sows with regard to all the diseases that come from tortured factory farm animals.

But that doesn't mean grass-fed meat is good for you either. It still promotes heart disease and cancer in humans (the science research used grass-fed beef and unpasteurized milk). But at least it is better for the animals themselves.

Hmmm and we wonder why hospitals and chronic care homes

have epidemic super bugs? If you are eating meat laced with antibiotics all the time, bacteria will mutate to a form that the antibiotics cannot kill.

+ 1

Thank you.

The question is: does the elite wants to exterminate us?

Toxins in foods in our water in our air?
Never-ending wars...punishing debt...the destruction of family values...

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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

I think greed leads to crowding animals in factory farms.

Then animals are always sick and they would lose money if animals die. Hence they need antibiotics for the 2 years cows are allowed to live before slaughter. Added bonus is people get sick and increase the pharmo profit, and it contributes to depopulation. Win win situation for the elite.

Terrific comment

Pharma profit...
Cancer.... drugged society does not start Uprisings.

We are the new animals in the new "Animal Farm"!

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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15