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Thank You for Helping Us Raise over $530 for Storey County GOP with Ron Paul's shirt, tie & book auction!

Today, our Ron Paul Collectibles Auction made over $530 for Storey County GOP!!! YAY!!! & Thank YOU to all that bid & helped us!!!

Tomorrow, we have our E-Board & State Central Committee member elections. Please say a prayer for us that our group of five is elected. We have a good track record, but nothing's a sure thing. I'm hoping that voters will be impressed that Ron Paul & his supporters did so much for Storey County, NV.

I just saw the video below & it's an EXCELLENT one!
Go watch it & experience the glory!

Loved this video. Can't wait for our R3VOLution car badges to arrive.

HEY! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=QnC2P...