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This is what the newspaper is stalling to publish...

The below letter to the editor was submitted by myself almost two weeks ago. I have been persistent in my communication with one of the editors, who has said he didn't receive it (even though I posted it on their online site for review) and then said he's been out of the office and has had alot going on? Now keep in mind I don't doubt the communications from him because the newspaper has posted all four of my prior letters, one being a guest Op-Ed, but it seems odd nonetheless. Enjoy the article and spread the word...

Aspartame was discovered in the mid-1960’s by GD Searle, a Chicago drug company. It is also known as, by or under the names Nutrasweet, Equal, Acesulfame Potassium and Aminosweet and is an artificial sweetener/chemical additive. Originally approved in 1974, concerns over deficiencies/inconsistencies in GD Searle tests halted the marketing of Aspartame in dry foods until 1981, despite it being the most contested chemical additive in FDA history due to causation of brain cancer in lab animals. In 1980 the Public Board of Inquiry voted unanimously to reject the use of Aspartame until additional studies could be conducted on its ability to cause potential brain tumors. By 1983 Aspartame was put on the market for consumption and by the following year over 6,900,000 lbs was consumed by Americans. In 1988 80% of volunteered complaints regarding foods and additives dealt with Aspartame products. Please use this article to educate others and know that the ability to avoid Aspartame is within your power, whether by reading the labels of consumer products or questioning the ingredients of prescribed pharmaceuticals/medications for alternatives if possible.

Documentary on Aspartame:

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