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I'm filing an arbitration.

Webmaster Nystrom I would like to submit an arbitration right now against Smudge Pot.

I feel like I am the rightful owner of this name. Seeing as Smudge Pots have in a few instances helped those who sell me things to help my fruit addiction. I want to make this clear. SMUDGE POT is not neccessary to run www.longtermfoodstorage.com And it is NOT neccessary to sell books about food storage and survival. But for me I am the rightful owner of SMUDGE POT because clearly Smudge Pot does not eat as much fruit as me and does not have the same care of trees as I do.

I am willing to negotiate with him with you as our arbitor and I am seeking immediate action. This business is to be dealt with URGENTLY as I live in pain everyday talking to Smudge Pot who is not doing any justice to this pot that plays such a crucial role in maintining my fruit intake in the winter.

God speed, LunaTech

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