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Travel banned in Mass. Due to storm. Offenders face fine/or 1 year in jail

BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick has declared a state of emergency for blizzard that could bring near 3 feet of snow.

Patrick signed an executive order banning all vehicles from roadways starting at 4 p.m. today. Ban applies to all roadways, including highways and secondary roads. Any one caught driving after 4 p.m. faces up to one year in jail and $500 fine.

Patrick said the blizzard is “a profoundly different kind of storm than we have dealt with” and the projected snowfall rate of two to three inches per hour will “make safe travel nearly impossible.”

MEMA Director Kurt Schwartz said that a similar executive order banning vehicular travel went into effect after the “blizzard of ‘78” and said he is unaware of any similar ban since then.

The order is “outright ban on all roads” with no set time for when it will be lifted. There are exceptions for public utility and health care workers as well as delivery trucks and news media. Schwartz said that the maximum penalty for people who violate the ban is one year imprisonment.

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Since When Did Governors Become "Snow Police"?

Screw that stupid jerk. Everyone should go snow driving just to get to that a hole. Hey Michael, don't you live in that state? Go tell your governor to take a hike!


Fill the jails.

Do not take a plea. Send every case to a jury. Get out on the roads everybody! Is that your DADDY talking or your SERVANT?

That's what really needs to happen - if there's not enough of us to do that - you can forget about winning any kind of hot civil war.

What are you in for? "Snow"

Usually happens when someone was put 'in charge' who is inept and heady with power. Or is he adopting the "tude" of oppression like we seem to be hearing a lot of lately. They forget they're there to serve, not act like a little mustachioed Hitler twirps.

A simple, "Sorry, but because of the severity of the storm, it's going to be dangerous for traffic so we are blocking off all the streets and highways. The streets have to be kept clear for needed emergency vehicles. Police will be giving tickets to any non emergency vehicle on the streets"
A jail term??.......... is a bit over the edge.
I guess it could be worse, could cut off your gas pedal foot.



I live in Michigan.. when i was a kid it didn't matter if there was 3 feet of snow an it was -50 degrees outside.. we had school lol.. On a serious note if its SO BAD it is quote IMPOSSIBLE to drive safely.. Why the F can the media and delivery drivers still drive around without fear of persecution?


Walking 5 miles at -5o degrees with little brother on your back is the way it was if over 50......We all have to keep our stories straight. [grin]


HAHAHA i'm almost 30 I didn't

HAHAHA i'm almost 30 I didn't walk anywhere in that kind of weather.. All i did at that time was stand outside in -50 weather an 3 foot of snow an wait for the bus ;)

Papers please.

Papers please. Ridiculous....you cant imprison someone for travelling roads on which they pay taxes for upkep, it would never fly in court...especially in a trial by jury.


what exactly is the crime ?

If it is "for your own protection" how about letting people decide what is best for themselves ! what a novel idea...

Freedom is a byproduct of acceptance - judge not.

For your own protection

we're going to send you to summer camp with murderers, rapists and thieves and generally people with the lowest form of moral character OTHER than people who "serve" in "government."


This is your country...

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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I think this is far

I think this is far overstepping his bounds. I would bet that it would be found invalid if tested.
This also begs the question about people having emergencies. Doesnt this also mean the cops are banned from driving to work?

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

I can't believe

what I'm seeing honestly. This is scary.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

I can't believe I'm not crazy.

All this time I've been really hoping I was :(

My goodness...Don't they have

My goodness...Don't they have plows?

They are afraid the rich will move away.

Next thing you know they will be building walls and checkpoints.


Sleds Banned

Sleds, sledding, skis and snowshoes strictly prohibited.
Snowballs are considered assault weapons.
Just ask Sean Hannity.

Is this leaving everyone speechless?

When this was announced, I was flabbergasted. Even now, the snow isn't that bad--when it enforced, at 4PM, you could still see pavement, it had been snowing only lightly all morning! We've had worse storms, in the middle of the week, during rush hour.

This totalitarian and frightening move is akin to terrorism. Just driving down the street can lead to a year in jail? And it was announced only hours earlier?

Deval Patrick should be impeached, or even arrested on the spot for violating our rights under color of law.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.


I'm speachless. That's quiet a feat to render me speachless.

So all the trucks in northern regions

Who have their front bumper accessory plows to help out their neighbors and local communities are banned too? Pretty sad.

3 feet of snow sheesh!

Ban should not apply to 4x4 vehicles, bloody morons.

Virginia had a similar ban on travel in 1979...

When the federal boss of the Norfolk Naval Shipyard ("We never close") ordered employees to work despite the travel ban, the governor ordered him arrested.

I think the Massachusetts Governor is being more than a little stupidly excessive, but look at Massachusetts politics. Besides, vehicles that become disabled due to the blizzard could become a hazard to emergency crews. When something similar to this happened back in 1979, the state police simply blocked access to all main roads.