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I think it is high time that those who we confront about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and they are favorable of them.

I have come up with what i think is what we the American people who are against the war's should do and that is get a petition together and state on it that those who are favorable should have to serve 1 month in Iraq and that does not exclude President or Vice-President and that they have to serve in the military outfits that are policing
the areas in Iraq and not in the branch of the military that are not
directly in the arena.
This would definitely include all Congressmen and women who are for the war's.
One month and I think opinions would change drastically against any intervention on foreign soil and would also help all returning military personnel receive the help that they are entitles to upon when coming home.

Let me know what all of you think about this.

Also this would be a great comeback to the Giulianis,Romneys,Thompsons Huckabees,Brownbacks,Tancredos,and also McCain even though he was a prisoner for most of Vietnam.

The President and Vice-President of course would have to be there
on seperate journey's with no power of the Presidency to the Vice-President while the President is in the middle of his war. Even though like most i believe that Cheney is the President and Bush is his dummy ventriloquist.

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Hmmm, but would not we then be the thought police?

The message here, from Ron Paul, is one of common sense and freedom-suggesting such a requirement to war supporters will only further entrench them...actually doing it would, well franky, violate everything we are supposed to be about. No, we need to convince them of the folly of this insanity, and its ultimate danger. Honestly, I think most supporters who are not actually in the government(and many who are) are such because they felt obligated to follow the leader, and now have taken that stand, and have trouble admiting they were wrong. The solution here is to offer them a way out, and be patient. We need to be inclusive, not exclusive. Remember, many of the war supporters actually agree with Paul on virtually everything else(non-neo-conservatives may support the war out of loyalty, what has been their choice before Paul?)

It was a fun thought to read, though.

Mike Stahl