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.30 cent test for pancreatic, lung and ovarian cancers

http://youtu.be/r55a0FapF2M WOW!!!! Andraka's sensor costs $3.00 and 10 tests can be performed per strip, taking 5 minutes each. The method is 168 times faster, 26,667 times less expensive, and 400 times more sensitive than ELISA, and 25% to 50% more accurate than the CA10-9 test.[6]

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This is basically for pancreatic cancer? It would be wonderful if it can be altered to detect other types also.

Ovarian cancer is sneaky.. it has a lot of symptoms that mimic normal body feeling.. tired legs? upset stomach? bloated? and that whole time when your doctor is poo-pooing your complaints you are being wrapped in a strangle hold of death.

My sister had a huge palpable tumor in her abdomen that was passed on as a harmless lyphoma. By the time her abdomen was so swollen with fluid she could barely breath and her Kaiser doctor decided a CA-125 could be "authorized" her level came back in the range of 1400+ range.. normal is less than 35.

Even after they did horrific surgery and chemo her levels never went down below 1000 because of course the cancer had become metastatic. through out the surgery site and beyond. She died bravely just a year after being improperly diagnosed.

Doctors don't like to do the CA-125 marker test... ooo too much risk of possible false positives!!! Women have weird physiology and those blood tests are expensive!! not to mention following up a possible false positive with something like a T-V ultrasound.. ooo those pesky women. Because I'm a close relative of an ovarian cancer non-survivor I can get the Ca-125 without much fuss. My doctor is a woman and maybe that helps. I argued this many times with the male doctors I worked with and each time it came back to the possibility of false positives. They paid little attention to my telling them she would have endured a dozen false positives in exchange for her life. She was 40 years old. Happily my levels are in the 9-10 levels.

This remarkable boy's study is amazing.. I hope he does follow up with adjusting it for other cancer forms then I will really cheer!

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That kid is amazing!


He goes to my old.. public.. high school, glad to see good come from that prison.

It's a good reminder that

It's a good reminder that creativity and ingenuity come from individuals. What a beautiful example of ambition and good will.

How long

will it take for the fda and medical industrial complex to make sure this never gets to market?

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

The more diagnosis, The more money for the doctors and

Drug dealers. They may actually want this.

Well isn't that great.

I wonder how well his technique would work for other things as well.

Worth watching.

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Nice Job Kid

...now go register for the draft in case the empire needs you to go to Iran for more 'manly' work.

how about the

ca-125 for ovarian cancer?

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Totally a BIG WOW!!!