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February Weekend Movie

What the bleep do we know!? (and parts of) Down the rabbit hole.

I'm not quite sure how to describe this movie. It's kind of like a Zeitgeist, in that it shows you a different way of looking at things.

The main topic is Quantum Physics, but goes into Neurology and Molecular Biology. Part documentary, part drama and part animation. Starring Marlee Matlin and 14 Scientists.

Sorry, this youtube link has French Subs, but once you start getting into what these guys are talking about, the subs are not noticed. There are other youtube links, but they were broken up into parts and I didn't check them out.

(The link is 2.5 hrs) What the bleep do we know is 108 minutes. Down the rabbit hole original is a 5 hour Quantum Edition of everything, but approximately only 42 minutes is shown.

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just love being voted down without any comments

did the person just not like the title?