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FBI page about "Domestic Terrorists"

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Amazing to me

the FBI hasn't listed the Southern Poverty Law Center as a terrorist organization. They should.

Look at what the LAPD is doing. They are looking for a black man, so they shoot a Hispanic woman twice in the back for delivering newspapers. They shot up a truck with a white man inside. The FBI should classify the LAPD as a terrorist organization.

DHS and FBI use SPLC as their source

This crazy talk against militias and tax resisters COMES from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

With racism and the Klan dying out, militias stubbornly refusing to kill anybody or blow anything up, and the SPLC grasping to justified its continued existence they've jumped the shark, attacking guns rights groups as "anti-government" hate groups.

As Judicial Watch has proven, SPLC and the "Justice" Department work together in unethical and maybe illegal ways.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

Why is this not good?

It tells us that they recognize that revolution is coming. Most of us know it; they know it; so what. You would need to be a fool to not see that the division in the US is intensifying and that the government is making preparations just as the public is weaponizing themselves. Throughout history, governments that reach the terminal stage are at odds with their citizenry and institute draconian control measures to attempt to remain in power, only to find that this hastens their end; this is where the federal government is as its collapse comes closer and closer.

Their list of crimes by sovereign citizens is just attributing everyday crime to sovereign citizens to demonize the freedom movement. Actually all crimes in the country are by sovereign citizens since we are all sovereign citizens, and some people are just criminals; note that much of what government does itself is criminal activity.

Direct your energies to more productive efforts than to worry about the FBI.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

This is the first time that government could defuse it

The Revolution and the Civil War were essentially irreconcilable differences between large factions of people. This is the first time that it's merely the outrageous acts of a handful elites at the top and inside the bowels of government, things they can immediately bring to a halt. We are not slave state vs free, loyalist vs rebel, neighbor against neighbor. The things leading to another revolution are criminal infiltration which can be terminated peacefully, but the criminal elites want a war because they think they can win.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

It sounds like the FBI is trying to compete with the Onion

Don't fall for the bogus claims and scams of...government.

The governments use of force

The governments use of force against peaceful individuals is a threat to our sovereignty. I like how they try to make it seem as though illegal = immoral. Which is ironic coming from a government which now kills American citizens via drone strikes and without a trial. This murderous government is now in direct violation of the document which chartered it and as such is an enemy "combatant".


The state is like a run-away freight train. They want to grow..

The state is like a run-away freight train. They want to grow faster and faster and faster at an uncontrolled and unbridled rate.

Anyone who believes that the state is growing too fast is increasingly an enemy.

Anyone who thinks the federal budget should be frozen is a domestic terrorist.

Anyone who thinks the federal budget should be reduced is worse than all of the terrorists in the middle east put together.

This government is getting ready for a civil war of its own making... not because of domestic terrorists... but because the government has officially run out of sustainable growth schemes to tax, borrow and spend.

The government has thus begun to look for an enemy that is in fact itself.

The funny thing is, I know many federal employees, and some of these federal employees are some of the biggest preppers I know... they are the one's telling me most often that they think the government is unsustainable and about to collapse under its own weight.

And not a shot has been fired. Lets hope that it implodes before it explodes and starts killing us.


It just keep getting scarier. The USgovt. is about ready to go full-spectrum dominance. It is not about Obama though. It is about the State and the Elites making a push towards world socialism (read: totalitarianism-an elite class dominating one big equal lower class).

It is setting the nation up for

labeling anyone who criticizes government as a domestic terrorist. Communism does not allow free thinking or free speech.

Instead of sending

unsuspecting liberty lovers to FBI.gov why don't you help us out by posting what it is you find so disturbing?

Violent violent violent FEAR FEAR scary scary OMG OMG KILL KILL KILL

I did not click the link for that very reason

I stay off government sites

Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

"unsuspecting?" It is in the web address...

oh, and the TITLE.
And the reason is "copyright laws" and you will want to read the whole thing if you wish to be informed and I can't do that for you. Here is a clip:
"Today, we look at a third threat—the “sovereign citizen” extremist movement. Sovereign citizens are anti-government extremists who believe that even though they physically reside in this country, they are separate or “sovereign” from the United States. As a result, they believe they don’t have to answer to any government authority, including courts, taxing entities, motor vehicle departments, or law enforcement."

And for the record, I do not give a flying fig what list I am on. Try it, you will lose a lot of unneeded stress in your life.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

How dare you down vote me.

Take that.

How old are you?

I replied to you. Do you understand that anyone can come in and vote up or down?
You have a problem, dude.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

"As a result, they believe

"As a result, they believe they don’t have to answer to any government authority, including courts, taxing entities, motor vehicle departments, or law enforcement."

Wasn't President Obama subpoena'd to show up in court to show documents he hasn't released? Does this mean he's included in this?

But when you read through the full list, this isn't what the liberty movement is about. We don't advocate for violence nor fraudulent behavior.


They are smearing those of us who have adopted, ironically enough, the non-aggression principal. Most people that I know who call themselves "sovereign" are students of the LAW, and they are taking this battle to COURT and winning. Please watch and listen to both clips:

Search DP for my posts relating to "He's a Constitutionalist" for more info.

These are my friends, these people are an example of who is being targeted. He's a friggin' Shaman, "Walk the way of Peace" kind of guy. An organic farmer. You can see how much resistance he put up. His wife is a Reiki healer. But these two stood up to them in court, that is why they got treated like this.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.