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Peace Screams Louder

Perhaps you can imagine this with your own children. When there is a war afoot, its your loud screams for peace that diffuses the situation.

When two groups of people are on the warpath, Peace must Scream the Loudest.

And finally, when nations are on the warpath, Peace will really need to scream the loudest.

But how can Peace Scream the Loudest? It failed to rise above a muffle before WWI and was actively muffled before WWII. Only Vietnam brought about a relentless scream for peace.

Of course there is not just one way to deflect and diffuse two individuals or two groups or two nations that are on the warpath.

Today's headline read: "Will China & Japan go to war?"

What I am most interested in is the science of PEACE, of making PEACE. We have scholars for everything, so it seems, but none could be as valuable as this one.

Your thoughts?


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