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Untold History of the United States - Bush & Obama - Age of Terror (Excellent Audio Track)

Narrated by Oliver Stone this is part 10 of the 10 part documentary called Untold History of the United States.

The chapter is just under an hour long but it is very interesting and includes lots of actual audio footage from the mouths of W and many others that shaped the 1st decade "of a new American Century". If you can't listen to it now...be sure to take the time to listen to it sometime. I promise you will enjoy it.

I'm also posting other audio files/souce documents regularly at the link below that I've found and never had any way of sharing until I recently created my lame blog. I don't earn any money from people visiting my blog and I'm in no way trying to steer traffic to my blog via the DP. I created the blog so that the roughly 100 or so people I used to email everyday with updates and such (trying to wake them up) can now just go to my blog when they choose...AND because I have no way of uploading documents, pictues, videos, or audio files to the DP.

Chapter 10 is here:

"Untold History of the United States – Bush & Obama – Age of Terror"

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