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Michael Savage mentions Alex Jones and Infowars in a good light

Michael Savage Covers Infowars' DHS Ammunition Story


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F savage !

cant stand him


Sounds like we are moving the bar

and the "leaders" of the media have to shift over to pretend they are still the "leaders". He and Limbaugh will talk just as much liberty as they have to in order to keep the audience believing they are on the cutting edge, which is actually to be found on places like the DP.

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Sorry, have to agree with you

I heard M. Savage leading his listeners away from Ron Paul. He almost had me-

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Wow! This positive report by Savage was a longtime in coming.

He still loves Israel, and he still despises Ron Paul, but he does possess independence from the MSM talking heads. There is hope here as the independents like Savage, George Noory, Michael Rivero, and Alex Jones are singled-out. They need to support one another like Noory and Jones have been doing. However, there are big egos in play, too big for this cooperation to happen very easily, IMO. As pressure is brought to bear on these radio personalities, perhaps they will realize that they are on the same team, and that they need to forget about their egos.

Thanks for posting.

I listen to Michael Savage W-F nights

On my way home from working 2nd shift. The same co-worker that convinced me to look into Ron Paul early last year suggested I tune in and check him out. I do love how he's an independent and very knowledgeable of the oligarchy. He's a joy to listen to, until he starts spouting off American Exceptionalism, hailing Israel, pro drone use, Islamic hate, and all that. He swears HE'S not a neocon, BUT he doesn't hesitate to throw other neocons under the bus and is pretty good at shedding light on the RINOs within the republican party. He is somewhat condescending, but at the same time, he's usually just saying what everyone's thinking. He's also a paranoid germaphobe who seems to hold himself in higher regards than the average American who's not as wealthy, well educated, cultured as he is. At the end of the day, there are things he says that I disagree with him on, but the things I do agree with him on balance eachother out. Big Egos for sure, but I do agree, they should be civil and give props to eachother when it is warranted and spread the like-minded outlets around for more exposure.


Cooperation > Competition

We all have individual voices that talk to many individuals, all of whom, have their own individual views. One person cannot talk to all of them. We need to see that we are ALL of value in this organic spread of information.

The more variety people get exposed to in the delivery of the message of liberty, the better for everyone. Hosts and listeners alike.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin