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"rogue" LAPD officers blatant gun control hypocrisy.

How can this man decry the 2nd amendment for other citizens, while he blatantly exploits this same amendment to exact his own personal justice at the same time? So he, and his "grand" cause are the only injustice on this earth that should ever be allowed to be corrected by utilizing guns(force).

The injustice the American citizens, as a whole, have endured the past 80+ years is at least a trillion times the amount of this egotistical hypocrite. Theft, murder, deception, and exploitation continue rampantly against us with no sign of stopping anytime soon. HOW DARE this brainwashed liberal claim his personal cause for justice is more righteous then my cause of justice for our country as a whole. This man isn't concerned about JUSTICE FOR ALL. He instead only wanted JUSTICE FOR HIMSELF, while emphatically opposing justice for every other American. Disgustingly atrocious mindset.

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