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First Libertarian K12 School

For the past 3 years I’ve dedicated part of my life as the President of a privately owned school in Paraguay. When I initially started, the school was run like many public schools around the world; special favors to friends and families, jobs for the neediest and not the most qualified. Needless to say the school was broke, having lost money since it was inaugurated in 1999. I took the daunting task of President/CEO/CFO mainly because it looked like a great challenge at the moment and I could see that the experiences that I would have would become extremely valuable to my professional future; essentially I was able to apply many concepts without the fear of it financially affecting me. Since not a single person was willing to be the President, I figured I could do as I saw best fit and if it failed, well it was failing already so who cares.

In these 3 years, I’ve cut down the employee numbers from 34 to 24, teachers encompass over 80% of my running costs compared to under 60% from before, I’ve had 3 years of profit, and the quality of the education has undoubtedly improved, even having placed 18th, 5th and 8th in the national math competition during 2010, 2011 and 2012 respectively.

Now it hasn’t been without a lot of opposition to certain policies that I put in place, but my clients haven’t fled to other schools. Because of this, I decided in 2012 to turn the school into a Freedom, Liberty loving educational institution that will educate children to the realities of socialism/communism, Austrian school of economics instead of Keynesian school of economics, respect of life, liberty and property, and most importantly, to not rely on the government to accomplish one’s goals other than to protect your own life, liberty and property. Step one has been to teach my teachers and staff what is libertarianism and how it can be utilized to solve most of society’s issues. Last year I contracted the Libertarian Foundation of Paraguay to do a 50 hour course with my teachers. For the 2013 school year (our school year starts in February) I will openly become a libertarian school, changing the curriculum to correctly teach children economics, history and read books that have a message of freedom. I will be rewriting the school’s motto, creating a marketing plan all with the words and enlightenment of what it means to be free.

I come to the Daily Paul for some help in accomplishing these goals. What I need is help in locating books, in Spanish, that are libertarian, for economics, history, and just good reading. If anyone knows a good online website, or specific books, or a publisher, that would help me with this task, please do tell me. This is a K12 school, so any books from children’s drawing books to macroeconomics to literature are all needed.

If I can accomplish these goals, this will be the first K12 school in the world (couldn’t locate any online) that is openly libertarian. I was stunned to be unable to find a single one. It makes clear sense why the world is becoming more and more socialist, it is the only philosophy that is taught at school. It is time that things change, that freedom is given a chance.

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Alliance for the Separation of School and State

Alliance for the Separation of School and State:



contact the Mises Institute....or visit their website....absolutely packed with reading materials and textbooks like you're looking for...and they could also point you in the right direction if you're looking for other areas.


Contacting Tom Woods might also be an option...they've put together an online school for Austrian economics and other liberty classes.


His liberty classes:


This is a great idea

Get a single subscription to liberty classroom for $99/year, and you can use those videos to teach your high schoolers everything from history to economics. In fact, I would contact Tom Woods, offer to dub the videos in Spanish (find someone or pay them to do it) and I'm sure they would give you the subscription for free. In fact, maybe liberty classroom would even pay you to translate! You never know.

awesome!!! I just dont know

awesome!!! I just dont know spanish... working on it tho

This is phenomenal! WoW. I

This is phenomenal! WoW. I can not praise enough all your hard work and success. I sure wish this could happen here. Wonderful!!

i'm pretty sure you could

i'm pretty sure you could find Bastiat's The Law in Spanish.

can i have a job?

i will walk from pennsylvania to paraguay if you have a job for me. i have a passport.


La ley

Yeah but Libertarians are all about

the Non-Aggression Principle so who would dare throw the first swing?

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