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Police in Pennsylvania (along with Phlebotomists) to start taking blood at DUI checkpoints

State troopers to use blood, not breath, to determine if drivers are under influence

State troopers will use blood, not breath, to determine whether drivers are under the influence of alcohol, because the state Superior Court is scrutinizing a county judge's ruling that questions the accuracy of breath tests.

The change means state police will have to wait weeks for laboratory results, but the method is expected to spike the number of DUI-related drug charges because toxicology tests can determine whether blood samples contain illegal drugs in addition to alcohol.

“The breath test is for alcohol only,” said Trooper Adam Reed, a state police spokesman. “Blood tests can come back and say there is marijuana in that person's system, or bath salts, cocaine, prescription drugs and other things that are also impairing that person's ability to drive.


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I'm diabetic

Can they check my A1C on their dime?


Hunger Games.

Part II is coming out in November. Part III next year, and then America will be fully desensitized.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Hope they don't swab arm with alcohol first.

Lol! It WILL show up in a BAC.