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Drug war profiteers ask Eric Holder to stop legal marijuana in CO and WA.

CORRECTION: Kevin Sabet, co-founder with Patrick Kennedy of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, writes to say

The Smart Colorado on our letter is not the Smart Colorado affiliated with Mel Sembler. This one is a newly formed group that formed and had a soft launch at our big Jan 10 SAM launch, and its head is Bob Doyle, a well known anti-tobacco advocate in Colorado. Same name, confusing I know. But definitely 2 different groups. They are our affiliate in Colorado.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: A coalition of interest groups whose members profit off marijuana prohibition, including the former leader of a chain of abusive teen rehab centers, have sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding that the Department of Justice prevent Colorado and Washington from taxing and regulating marijuana.

"We are writing to you to enforce the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) in Colorado and Washington with respect to recent ballot measures legalizing marijuana," reads the letter, which was written by former Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-Rhode Island) on behalf of the National Narcotic Officers Association Coalition, the National Association of Drug Court Professionals, Mel Sembler's Smart Colorado, and several other groups.

Kennedy's letter to Holder goes on to say

These state laws would severely threaten public health and safety goals, expressly contradict the President’s National Drug Control Strategy, make it impossible to comply with federal regulations, and present an obstacle to the achievement of Congress' discernible objectives to prohibit the use, sale, manufacture, and distribution of marijuana.

We urge you to restate marijuana is illegal.The Washington and Colorado state laws, authorizing retail and commercial sales of marijuana, marijuana smoking, marijuana possession, manufacturing and distribution, and the farming of industrial hemp, violate both the intent of Congress in enacting the CSA and the letter of the law.

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It's cutting into the profits of the CIA

the biggest drug gang on the planet



They have no shame.

They even mention farming of industrial hemp. Three words in that sentence a statist hates: farming, industrial, and hemp.


Please explain to me how industrial hemp severely threaten public health and safety goals. How does a substance that has ZERO recorded deaths attributed too it severely threaten public health? The only thing he states that could possibly be of public concern is safety since marijuana does hinder short term memory and could POSSIBLY lead to someone overlooking critical information in real time.. however how can you accurately beyond a shadow of a doubt attribute the possible error to the use of marijuana and not just a random occurrence. Last time I checked sober people still made mistakes :|

Theres probably a talking

Theres probably a talking points memo from tptb on this topic and the industrial hemp is included in it.

Straying from truth

If these people had any clue as to what cannabis really is they would STFU! The fact of the matter is that people who perpetrate crimes against pot users should be punished severely for their misinformed crusade. The truth about cannabis is beautiful. The prohibition against cannabis is criminal. We should have started hanging legislatures, and war-mongers long ago. But we didn't. Now look at us!

A judge can make big bucks if

A judge can make big bucks if they require drug treatment at their treatment facility for every drug offense.

Can you believe??

Can you believe a KENNEDY with the gall to tell Americans how they should conduct their private lives??

As far as I am concerned

my apartment is my own sovereign nation and these drug profiteers cannot change me or our culture in Colorado.

ecorob's picture

BS big business, big law professional drug profiteers...

they can take a freaking hike!

and STAY gone!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.




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