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Roger Stone contemplates running as Libertarian for Florida Governor

Can a man with a Nixon tattoo successfully carry the Libertarian Party banner in the Sunshine State? Roger Stone says he wants to try. Robert Costa reports in National Review:

The former campaign adviser to Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan says he wants to run as a libertarian, third-party challenger to incumbent Republican governor Rick Scott and the Democratic nominee.

“I don’t have any illusions about winning, but I’d like to carry the flag for the liberty movement,” Stone says. “The Republican party is dead and it can’t be revived, so it’s time for the Libertarian party to be a force.”

Stone will make a final decision on a gubernatorial run by the end of the year. In the meantime, he’ll ask libertarian activists for their support.

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Go Stone Go

I am happy to hear that Roger Stone is running for Governor in Florida for the Libertarian party.

He's the ultimate campaigner and he should liven up the upcoming election.

The one thing that will differentiate the candidates is that - Stone tells it like it is!

My vote is for Roger Stone.

Stone should run

Libertarians would benefit nationally from a Roger Stone run in Florida. Florida has become a major state in presidential politics and a strong Libertarian run there would draw needed attention to the party especially coming from a candidate who served so long as a Republican and then became disenthralled with a GOP that was not much different than the Democrats. Stone could win this race and I encourage him to run and run hard.

God bless America!

Stone should run for Florida Governor

Roger Stone is a colorful character with plenty of moxie and political smarts. He knows how to cut through bureaucracy and get things done and that's exactly what Florida needs right now. Having suffered with a do-nothing Rick Scott through the worst economy in modern times and milk-toast Charlie Crist before that, Florida could use some of the famous Stone flamboyance to stimulate business, kick-start the economy and get us back on the road to recovery. A Roger Stone governance in Florida would act as a template for our entire nation to get back on track.


Interesting. I will check him out.