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Texas Hill Country

Texas Hill Country


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Recognized Pedernales Falls

Recognized Pedernales Falls in the 2nd frame. The cypress trees are probably the Comal or Blanco rivers. There are some cozy wineries in that area too.

Southern Agrarian

Do you live here?

Are we neighbors? : )

No, but a friend of mine lives near Austin, in Buda Texas

He thought i would like this vid..

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nice. @1:16 is Lake Caddo I believe. It is the largest natural lake in the southwest and shares the border with Louisiana. There are so many trees on it that narrow "boat roads" have to be cut out of the forest of trees. It's like an old growth forest on top of a 6 to 20ft deep swamp.

There are few things more exciting going full speed on a super fast bass boat and having those trees fly past and right over you. It's a little scary, but memorable. I watched a bald eagle fishing at sunrise one morning at a fishing tournament there. It aint California, but it's stunningly beautiful to me.

Not Caddo. I lived in

Not Caddo. I lived in Uncertain, Texas on Caddo for 10 years. The only natural lake in Texas. I think these are old growth cotten wood trees. 0:52 might be cypress. I lived in Wimberley in the hill country and there were big cypress trees there where Cypress creek meets the Blanco River. The hill country is a long way from Caddo, about 350 miles.

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*hangs head in Texan shame*

I thought that was a bit weird for being a "Central Texas" video. I should have looked closer. The water is way too shallow and no Spanish Moss. My little brother has 28 acres outside of Blanco and Wimberley and I've never seen this area you speak of. Even worse I ALSO live in Central Texas and have never seen this. I thought I knew of all the little spots from Krause Springs to Conroe. Thanks for the correction. I will now commit Harikari with my Bowie knife.
*hangs head once again*

Think you're right.

Not many Cypress swamps in the Hill Country.

You might want to be carefull

speeding through the lake because I knew a gentlemen that did just that and got impaled on a tree branch. Lesson: Don't drink and drive your boat too fast in the pitch black lol. I caught my first fish and shot my first duck on that lake.

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was a helpless passenger riding with a "coon ass"(Cajun) that had grown up on that lake, and had come to volunteer for the tournament. I think the only thing holding me to the seat was my sphincter....8) It was pretty freakin' scary. I think my heart rate went from 65BPM to 200BPM several times that day. Luckily it was after 6am and he was only drinking coffee.
Beautiful lake with monster bass. I'd love to go back sometime.

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Can't wait to come and see you my friend. Only

I take you for a good ride on a Beemer and you'll forget the water, LOL! Nothing like the hill country on a bike. Don't worry I'll bring a little Andouillie, Shrimp and a little brown rice and we have us a good gumbo. You bring the wood and cast iron pot, I'll bring the beer. We pass a good time.

I get past the Grand Opening in April and then I may be able to get away. It will have to be before June, for my partner is going to the Arctic Circle at that time. He is 70 and I would never stop a moment of his travels. He has taught me much! I may get the same if I am lucky down the road.


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