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After Ron Paul! What We Do Now?

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There is a movement, if you can call it that, which is in place at this very moment in all 50 states that is ready to step in the minute the government falls from economic collapse, reinstituting the Constitution back to its original intent, with the thirteenth amendment restored, and giving individual freedom back to the people. They have done their best to undermine this movement by arresting the interim leader, but they will not succeed. We need more patriots willing to stand up and become part of this as soon as possible. Go to, or go to republicfor(enter your state name).org and join now. We can put our
Republic back in place, it just takes faith, committment and the willingness to put yourself in the movement. Do it now before it is too late. This is the future of America, driven by a true Libertarian movement that will take our country by storm once the collapse comes. Will you be a part of history, or will you stand by the sidelines not knowing what to do? It is in your hands.

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