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Gun control advocates refuse to place 'gun free zone' signs in their own front yards

(NaturalNews) They don't mind publishing the names of law-abiding gun owners living in their area, violating their privacy and putting them in danger, but when it comes to news publishers, editors and columnists letting the public know they live in a gun-free zone - a statement of principle that could put them in danger, well, that's a different story.

It is a small irony highlighted by a group known as "Project VERITAS" in a new 10-minute video that puts the hypocrisy of the issue front and center.

The video begins with footage of a litany of actors all decrying "senseless violence" caused by firearms. A logo accompanying the footage says, "Citizens Against Senseless Violence," with the word "Senseless" on a red banner displayed over what resembles an AR-15 carbine.

From there, the video launches into clips of actual television news broadcasts featuring several newspapers that have shamelessly published the names of gun permit holders in their area. In response to that blatant, politically motivated privacy violation, several Project VERITAS members under the "Citizens Against Senseless Violence" logo decided to see how many journalists from those papers would be willing to put up a sign in their yard advertising the fact that they were living in a gun-free zone.

Needless to say, none did.


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Hypocrites. I will take them to the task. If you have an anti-gun neighbor, put up a sign that says "My neighbor's house is a gun free zone."

Anyone else catch those last comments in the video?

By the Columnist starting @9:50

Very interesting.

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Thank you my friend

Gun grabbers are such hypocrites.

I wonder what kind of meds some of them are taking.

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