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Land of the Slaves and Home of the Naives

What keeps a government in power? Is it superior firepower? Is it money? Is it intelligence beyond that of the populace? No, none of these keep a government in power. In reality, the foundation of governmental power is compliance by the people. The great majority of people are indifferent to servitude and, as a result, are responsible for their own enslavement. The united States of America has become the land of the slaves and the home of the naives - at the least the indifferent.

Mentally, I have searched for different ways to bring down the power of the central government at least a few notches. It has occurred to me before that "hanging from the rafters" is one such strategy, whereby everyone would be encouraged to exhaust the public money trough by working the least amount possible and applying for government handouts en masse. The intended consequences would be to drastically decrease production all the while overwhelming the welfare programs provided through robbery by the slave masters. This is already happening to some extent solely due to the availability of such programs and public knowledge of how to "work the system." However, my principles would never allow me to promote this strategy.

On the other hand, there is one taxpayer funded service that I would be willing to take advantage of - the prison system. The prison system is the only service that does not require willful participation but, arguably, provides the most complete list of benefits - food, shelter, medical attention, television, skills training, etc. One doesn't have to sign up for prison. All one has to do is to defy the slave masters - not violently, of course, but through simple, non-violent lack of compliance. Alas, becoming a ward of the state is a way to weigh down the state and rob the non-free market of production.

People are afraid of going to prison. What will become of my business? What will become of my children? What will become of my house? What will become of my possessions? Do you actually believe any of these things are yours?

Your business will be seized if you don't pay your taxes. Your children will be seized if you don't educate them as the government wishes or don't teach them to be slaves - like yourself - and follow the rules of the government. Your house will be seized if you don't pay your property taxes. Your possessions will be seized for not complying, as well. You are nothing more than a government slave.

Why not teach your children that the government is most accurately and simply a slave master? Parents lead by example. Parents who smoke cigarettes have children that are more likely to smoke cigarrettes. Parents who tolerate domestic abuse have children that are more likely to perpetrate or tolerate domestic abuse. Parents who submit to slavery are more likely to have children that submit to slavery. Parents who choose to live as free men and women are more likely to have children that will follow suit. Parents lead by example.

Too often people say, I would act as a free man or woman but... In doing so, people display indifference to their servitude. You are all slaves. You should do everything possible to not comply with this murderous, tyrannical government.

This government is responsible for well over a MILLION deaths in the Middle East - let alone what we do not know about over the rest of the world. This government - if it were a person - would masturbate to the images of the more that 500,000 Iraqi children that died due to its economic sanctions that claimed, "It's worth it." This government is one of the most deadly governments to ever exist, and YOU say - "I will comply because..."???

YOUR participation... YOUR indifference... THE PEOPLES willingness to be slaves is the only thing that sustains THIS government and allows them to do the things they do - in YOUR name.

"I will comply because..." is no longer a legitimate excuse.

And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
O'er the land of the slaaaaaaaaaves and the home of the naaaaaiiiiives!

The truth is not always a pleasant thing to digest.

Do you actually believe that they care that you disagree with them as long as you still finance them?

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ecorob's picture

Excellent title!

It previews a truly WONDERFUL article.


its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Another brilliant piece, dw.

I despise authority. I would not do well in prison. So I try my best to avoid supporting the leviathan.

If we don't see you posting around here we will throw a Chip-in for your prison spending account so you can enjoy some cigs or candy bars.

Oh, SOOooo well said!!!!

I and my family are living in the very hell you describe for believing and attempting to live as God intended.. As free people.My attempts to communicate with the corporate theives were ignored for 15 years only to culminate in a grand jury indictment, the confiscation of my 2nd amendment rights and passports; a probation officer, a trial forced without an attorney and unschedueled searches of my home. My dear patriot wife wrote reams of legal breifs proving our innocence. The pressure imposed by gov't was/is so intense, they denied her a life saving cancer procedure in Ecquador. She has succombed to breast cancer and now lies in a hospital bed in our living room on life support.I await my sentencing and the fate of my estate and 5 children.
Do you think we purposely laid it ALL on the line for liberty and freedom and to show our chidren the type of sacrifice necessary to live free?
You are damn right we did.

A patriot must always be prepared to defend his country from his government.

It's people like you that should be honored by society...

rather than the destructive arm of the state.