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Help. How to protect 401k?

Looking for ideas on how to protect 401k from coming crash. Any input is appreciated. Thank you.

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Structure Self Directed

1. Establish self-directed 401k fund
2. Friend owns vague value qualified asset (loosely traded OTC stock, for example)
3. X = value; Y = plausible additional price to be kicked out of retirement and back under ...
4. 401k purchases asset for X + Y
5. Kiss X goodbye when they confiscate 401K; or have a side deal with friend on the asset now held in the name of your 401k ( Maybe it will all pan out, the day of reckoning will never come, it's all a just bad dream; the guyz on the TeeVee might be right, the economy may improve soon ... Consider the X value you leave behind as a place holder in the system. )
6. Use the freed up, kicked back Y on something real that you can get your hands on off screen : -- new business venture, cattle, cow lease, PM, hard commodities, etc

A couple of options

Option 1: You can take a loan against your 401(k). That will allow you to borrow up to 50% of the value in your account up to $50k, and then pay yourself back with interest, usually at Prime + 1 or 2, over the next 5 years. As previously mentioned, take that balance and purchase AU and/or AG.

Option 2: Cash it out, pay off your debts, then invest the rest in precious metals or other commodities. Recommend consulting a tax advisor.

I really think we will see a confiscation of retirement assets under this administration. Plan accordingly, and good luck!

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Some thoughts if you are able

1. High dividend stocks or funds
2. Comodity funds or stocks
3. Take out as much on loan and buy gold and silver. Of course you have to be able to make the payments and if you lose your job you have to pay it all back or get heavily taxed. But if gold and silver zoom up as I predict the pay back would be a cinch. This has a lot of risk though. But the markets in general are risky and the added risk of federal takeover.
4. roll it into a self directed IRA. you can buy physical gold and silver in an IRA.

Well most

investors would say to invest in "investment grade bonds", but these are usually government bonds backed by mortgages issued by government agencies,and treasuries. There are also corporate investment grade bonds, but these will not be safe in a stock market crash and a run from the dollar either. If your 401k provider offers commodity funds that would be your best bet. If the 401k is vested, pull it out and buy silver, gold or other commodities. I'm not an expert but that is what I would do.

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