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Recently I read a report that in 2003 in E. Europe there were more abortions than live births.????? Was I reading this correctly.

I have to try to find it again. I think it was 1.05 abortions to every 1 birth.

As well Russia experienced over 4 million abortions in 1990 with the end of the USSR. I think they now have about 1.5 million per year.

Worldwide I think abortions are declining except for places like Vietnam and other former Soviet republics.

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This has nothing to do with what you posted

but I'm commenting on abortion anyway because I have been thinking about it a lot recently. I have decided that I am pro-choice, reluctantly, up until the gestational age of 21 weeks. This is the age of the earliest pre-term birth in which a fetus has survived. As science improves and the survival of pre-term birth fetuses improves to be younger and younger, I will alter my position accordingly.

I think a fetus is a person, but the rights of the mother should outweigh the rights of the fetus, at least until the moment the fetus can theoretically survive on its own. I hope the people who are vehemently pro-life, even from the moment of fertilization, continue their campaign of education that abortion is morally wrong, but I still think this should be the legal definition of when life begins, and hence when abortion/murder should be outlawed.

**Edit** I'm being downvoted, but what is a more fair solution? Fertilization? What if the blastocyst is blocked from implantation of the uterus? Does that count as murder?

Also, I'm strongly against killing a human being, whether it is a fetus or an adult. However, if a man tries to rape a woman, I support the right of the woman to kill that man, even though killing in my mind is worse than rape. This is probably a false equivalency to the abortion issue, but the line has to be drawn somewhere.

We call a "miscarriage" as a spontaneous abortion that occurs before a fetus can survive on it's own, why shouldn't we make the legal definition this as well?

I understand your desire to

I understand your desire to rationalize your decision, but basing it on when the fetus can theoretically survive on its own is basing it on a moving target.

So, let's say next week a fetus can survive at 19 weeks. Using this logic, it was okay to kill that baby THIS WEEK, but next week it's not?

Just something to consider.

It's a moving target so yes, I will alter my position

I know it sounds cruel, but yes if the youngest pre-term fetus ever survived at 19 weeks gestation age, then I think abortion should be legal at 18 weeks. I'm not excited by this and do not endorse the practice of abortion, but it is the most ethical system I am aware of.

Yes it is unfortunate that the timing of scientific innovation would screw some people, but alas that is the nature of life. How many people have been screwed because the science was discovered too late?

I'm confused

You say, "Yes it is unfortunate that the timing of scientific innovation would screw some people, but alas that is the nature of life."

So, are the pre-survival babies that are being screwed "people," or not?