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Dorner manhunt: LAPD will give new truck to women shot by officers

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck will provide a new truck to two women injured by officers in pursuit of fugitive ex-cop Christopher Jordan Dorner, a police spokesman said Saturday.

Margie Carranza, 47, and her mother, Emma Hernandez, 71, were delivering newspapers in Torrance early Thursday when LAPD officers riddled their blue Toyota Tacoma with bullets. Hernandez was shot twice in the back, and Carranza sustained minor injuries from broken glass.

Beck has called the incident “a tragic misinterpretation” by officers working under "incredible tension” hours after Dorner allegedly shot three police officers, one fatally.

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There is a lawyer

I have seen on the TUBE a couple times that claims he is representing the two ladies.

If that is true, the two ladies should be able to buy a dealership with the money they are due...after all, it was attempted murder by two cops.

Gee That's Big of Them

How about they go to jail like we would in the same situation?


The only thing this story

The only thing this story tells you is that the police are such pussies, such anti-law abiding pieces of shit that they didn't even try to take him in peacefully. Nope they saw a truck they thought was his and started shooting it up. What does that tell you? We has a similar incident in my small home town back in the 90's. Some dude named David Sweringen (however you spell it) in Warsaw, Indiana killed a detective that he caught fucking his wife and was on the run for like a week. They caught him in his truck in the middle of town and just shot it up. At least 100 bullet holes in the truck if not more. No warning, no asking for surrender, just shot him to pieces. Front page of the paper in full color of him leaning out of the truck dripping blood all over the place. Tell me again why police should have weapons of war and we shouldn't?

So, they want to pretend it's ok that they saw a suspicious truck and just started shooting it up without warning or anything?

These are our police? These are the people that are supposed to find and ARREST criminals. If these guys that did that shooting do not get fired then there needs to be a massive protest and investigation. That's just not how things are supposed to be done. What's next? Sending drones to kill American citizens without charges or trial? Oh never mind. I thought this was a free state with laws. Excuse my ignorance. Carry on police state, carry on.

I'm not defending this POS whatsoever, I hope they find him and bring him to justice, he's just another leftist murderer like all the rest have been. But seriously? Is this how the LAPD is trained to act? And I can't believe they are getting away with it.

:o ??

I think she just wants her life back.

A truck? No, how about millions of dollars.

“I don't think we should go to the moon. I think we maybe should send some politicians up there.” -Ron Paul
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I'm thinking

Im thinking a penalty shot.

Know me, and you will know of the men and women that forged my soul.


"Los Angeles police have said they will re-examine the sacking of fugitive former officer Christopher Dorner, suspected of killing three people."

"We are going to investigate ourselves internally before any outside agency comes snooping around so we can destroy any incriminating evidence" (Translated into pessimist's English)

Attempted murder? 'em a new truck? Are you shitting me?

Has anyone ever READ The Running Man?

I'm not talking about the STUPID movie with Arnold, I'm talking about the actual short story by Stephen King.

Dorner seems to be the first contestant...

I am thinking a new truck,

I am thinking a new truck, all medical bills paid, about 10 million each, and all police involved serving time for attempted murder, serious time, and that ought to about be an equal settlement!

Makes a person wonder...

Wonder how cops firing 40 bullets only hit the targets a total of two times. lol Now that's some terrible shooting if you ask me.

That's fantastic..... The

That's fantastic.....

The worse part of it, the tax payers will pay, not the officers, they never pay a damn thing...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Are you familiar with how

Are you familiar with how powerful the police union is in California?

I hope they sue the city, the

I hope they sue the city, the dept and the 2 dumb assanine cops for everything they can get.


from what I understand, this becomes an admission of guilt so they will definitely win.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero,

I wonder what REALLY happened with Dorner

Behind the scenes.

I'd bet soup-to-nuts it ain't half of what's been reported.

I hope somehow he has a chance to tell his story before he's blown away or becomes the first domestic American citizen put on the drone kill list.

He got set off somehow, he didn't lose it he seems to know what he is doing.

Even though it's probably not socially acceptable I'm kinda pullin for the guy, dunno why. I'm sure it will get me plenty of downvotes heh.


I am hoping he lives, gets a fair and public trial and a just outcome.
I too am pulling for do no harm.

If he in fact killed those

If he in fact killed those two in Irvine and/or shot at the three officers I can almost guarantee he gets the death penalty.

I agree

The question is - Will he be sentenced before or after a public trial ?

Well, the LAPD

Are going to investigate themselves about Dorner. Sounds fair and public so far, doesn't it LocalBoy?


It gets worse.
Dorner asked the free press, oxymoron, to use FOIA to obtain the records that prove his claim.
So LAPD immediately activates the case and stymies any attempt for FOIA......cant give info on an active investigation.

I hope we get a just outcome but doubt it will happen.

LAPD is a criminal cartel and the people of LA get the government they deserve, sadly. The people there have known for decades they support a criminal police force and did nothing. Now one man brings the place to its knees, and the end result will be the citizens capitulate more liberty for false security.

I feel sorry for the children in this area but have no pity for the adults who failed to hold their governments feet to the fire.

Another EX-LAPD member

Has posted a manifesto, check it out

LAPD has long been rumored to be the most corrupt law enforcement in the country. I hope more honorable members come forward.


Not enough information on this one.

I'm confused.....The police is a fraternal order protected by the blue line. As I understand this blue line the order solves all problems "In House". No member turns on another and members are the only ones who can police members. Sacred honor and all that jazz......
Dorner violated this blue line and was kicked from the club and now the LAPD offers 1 million tax dollars to cross that blue line and go after the bad cop.......

The elephant in the room is the blue line, and nobody seems to see it.
Of course, they are heroes so maybe the laws of science and reason dont apply.

Yeah, don't get me wrong

I'm not hopin' he mows down any innocents.

I wouldn't hold my breath about a fair trial. They'd have to try him in remote Siberia for the jury not to be tainted.

Cool, they destroy property,

Cool, they destroy property, then they make taxpayers pay for new property. Sounds right to me.


They mean the tax payer will pay for one.


Original article actually says police chief giving the truck

I guess it would be too hard for the media to state the truth. Taxes will pay for the truck. Taxes continue to pay for the salaries of the police who should be fired. Taxes will pay for lawayers to defend the inevitable lawsuit. Taxes will be needed to pay out millions in damages when the lawsuit is inevitably lost.

Wow a new truck. You almost kill me and my mom and @!#% ^&(^

I think the fugitive is correct.

Everyone on LAPD, especially those with rank higher than patrolman need to be FIRED!

The whole department needs to be rehired from the ground up or better yet done away with altogether.

This is a dangerous street gang and it is more dangerous than any other street gang in southern California.

Take the guns and badges away from them now before they kill someone else.

The Price-Is-Right will give away more and take away less.

The police want that truck so that those women don't put it on public display.

The chief is nothing more than an intimidating GANG BANGER.


Probably giving them a truck

Probably giving them a truck that was seized from some other victim that had a pot seed in his glove compartment.