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Dr Ben Carson Tells Hannity Why he Spoke Out Against Obama's Policies to Obama's Face


After sharing details from his life story, Carson explained his comments about the "PC police" and political sensitivity. He bemoaned how a nation built on "freedom of speech" is trying to impose restrictions upon what people can say and think, mostly blaming the media for "crucifying people" for innocuous remarks.

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Indeed, these two doctors have done amazingly to wake the people

Indeed, these two doctors have done amazingly to wake the people up:



Now the people has no excuse any longer to not know better.

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he would have my vote

what a patriot of a man - excellent

What a great man.

This is the first I've seen of him and he won me over. Such a smart and likable person. He seems to be in the same category as Dr. Paul, speaking the simple truth. Just as he spoke about problems of government with a gentle, but strong, in your face to Obama, he spoke about the problems of media and pundits to guilty perpetrators, Fox and Hannity, while receiving their praise. It was the performance of a genius.

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Carson is an outstanding

Carson is an outstanding individual who radiates wisdom. This man changes the world.

I hate Hannity but that was an awesome

video.. This Doctors story is amazing.

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I almost didn't click on the link.

Thankfully it didn't give Hannity any credit.