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Daniel Fishman for Massachusetts Senator

With all respect to my opponents -- if we send one more Republican or one more Democrat back to Washington, does that change ANYTHING? Has anything really changed over the last 12 years?

A group of professional politicians have kept us in a state of perpetual war with an always increasing debt. They borrow money in our name and use that debt to chain us to a promise to pay it back. There is a call now for sacrifice and higher taxes because we have to pay off the debt -- but that is a shell game!

We the people would not have approved higher taxes to fund wars, We would not have approved higher taxes to fund national health care. We would not have approved higher taxes for any number of things that government has been spending like crazy on.

And the politicians KNEW IT. They knew if they raised taxes, they would not get reelected.

That’s why they didn’t raise taxes.

That’s why they BORROWED the money. With a promise that you would have to pay it back.

We used to complain that the federal government taxed us a dollar, kept ten cents for themselves and only gave us back 90 cents in return. We didn’t know how good we had it. Now government taxes us a dollar, borrows a quarter, and pays us back a buck twenty five! It is unsustainable! It’s common sense.

But common sense requires common people.

Be Libertarian with me for one election. Vote your conscience.

I’m the only candidate who wants to balance the budget immediately. I’m the only candidate who will commit to not raising the debt ceiling. I’m the only candidate with a plan for FAIR taxation, where political power CAN NOT buy you a loophole.

Both parties and the mainstream media want you to believe there is a number line of American politics. There is a number line of government. Go too far to the right, past the Republicans and end up with corporations running everything. Go too far to the left, past the Democrats and you end up with an all powerful state.

But there is a 3rd direction.


Up is the direction of you and me. Up is the direction of We the People. If you believe, as I do, that all power derives from the people, then you need to stand up too. Martin Luther King had it right when he said “a man can’t ride your back, unless it’s bent.”

We the people will never agree on the small things. And we shouldn’t have to. But we can agree on some big things. We can agree that we are all entitled to liberty in our personal lives. Only in a two dimensional world are are you either with me, or against me

I believe in a system where I can be for me, and you can be for you, and that doesn’t have to mean we’re against each other. And when the time comes for us to work together, we can do so willingly. We don’t need government to tell us how to be good citizens. We don’t need government to force us to be good neighbors.

I’m asking you to try something that has never been tried before. Get off the number line. Live in the three dimensions. This election don’t vote right. Don’t vote left.

Vote Up.
Rise Up.

Revolution 2.0 starts here.

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