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are from 2012

There's a new messanger in town

His name is Dr. Benjamin Carson and he represents the new hope in the Liberty movement.

Ron Paul is yesterday's loser, and there's huge fears his whole game was to pump up the GOP to set the stage for Rand Paul, who is beyond the political understanding of many in the Liberty Movement, who need a messanger they can reflect on in the name of political leader, rather than an actual leader, because politics has it's own set of principles people confuse with moral and ethical principles.

So, right now, the ronpaul.com issue is upsetting many in the Liberty Movement who find Ron Paul just anther hypocrite, and what he says will no longer be accepted, but rather judged with an eye on "who us he trying to kid now?"

You would do much better posting the week of Dr. Benjamin Carson and let Ron Paul work out his issues in the UN, to the discust of many.

So you're arguing that

30 years of consistent voting in Congress, and sparking a liberty movement through two presidential cycles, is old news, and that Ron Paul (on a site dedicated to him) should be dismissed as "yesterday's loser", to promote a guy who delivered a speech you like?

Not at all

It's pretty clear, to many here, that I have become a Rand supporter (see my signature). Many in the Liberty Movement have issues with me because "there's no way in HELL they will back Rand" (owner of the DP included).

The Liberty Movement has some respect for those of us who got into the GOP for Ron Paul and continue the fight with Rand Paul (GOP Amash has been more about THE MESSAGE than Restoring the Republic by taking the GOP). But they are NOT with us. Some are openly aganst us.

The issue of ronpaul.com, now has the Liberty Movement crying "foul" on Ron Paul. Note this this thread is not moving quickly because Ron Paul's message is not what it appeared based on his actions with ronpaul.com and going to the UN.

The Liberty Movement NEEDS a messanger, someone those who claim to be in the Liberty Movement, but NOT part of the GOP, can get behind with ALL sincereity. Someone who stands for moral and ethical principles and common sense, not politics as usual (taking back the GOP with compromises and chess games).

Dr. Carson fits the Liberty Movement perfectly at the moment. He is brave, faced Obama and told the truth, has common sense, tells truth that makes us laugh, because the Liberty Movement needs the kind of truth that stimulates laughter, which is a motivator.

There is a FEAR, because Ron Paul is appearing hypocritical, and people gave him a free pass on issues like his accepting pork, taking SS$, and now Rand. Rand does NOT represent the Liberty Movement. Dr. Carson does. Ron Paul will not run for president, and the new hope for the Liberty Movement is that Dr. Carson will.

I LOVE Ron Paul. I wouldn't be a RepubliCAN or elected to my GOP committee, or going to a GOP state convention to vote for Liberty candidates, if not for my transformation from grassroots to GOP establishment. But I am all too well aware that many of my dear friends here, people who I sincerely LOVE, and repect, do NOT agree with me. They think it's great what I did, but they are NOT going to join me.. are not going to back Rand, but really want a NEW messanger that actually represnts exactly how they think and feel.

Dr. Carson, at the moment, reflects that perfectly.

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